I Now Have A Hotel Routine





I’m back in La Quinta, back in the hotel. We were on from my home studio at 5 and 6. I drove to Palm Desert for the late news.

There are still a few stubborn, but solvable, roadblocks. It’s worth doing right.

The hotel threw me a curve this time. I’m on the left side of the building facing the pool, dead center. I expect it to be quiet and visually meh.

My room has two Queens instead of a single King Size bed. I’m too tired to kvetch. I can take in boarders. Airbnb?

I now have a hotel routine. Dammit. I hate routines.

Suit off as soon as I get in, then neatly hung. Two suits for five days. Respect the fabric.

The Foxes are convinced as long as I change ties no one will notice. Shhh.

My dirty clothes go in the zipped side of the suitcase. My ties are curled up, then set on the TV table/dresser. Gotta segregate the worn and unworn. Seriously, I’d forget.

My collar stays and cuff links are on the nightstand. There are backups, hopefully not needed.

I came with food! Even away from home Helaine makes sure I’m well fed. It makes being away easier. It makes me miss her more.

There’s fruit and nuts and snacks plus a few microwavable entrees and salad kits. My room has a refrigerator, now holding around 5% of its capacity.

Somehow I’ve gotten another room with an unsettable clock showing the wrong time. Welcome home.

2 thoughts on “I Now Have A Hotel Routine”

  1. Geoff,
    I watched you do the five p.m. weather from your house, and I did not notice any problems. I love the great weather you are having in Palm Springs. You have eighty degrees there, and West Hartford, Conn. has eight degrees.

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