Hey Skinny Pop, Thanks For The Air

Last night I opened the bag. Look what fills around a third of it. Air!

Skinny Pop popcorn, showing the popcorn and air I bought!

When I returned to the Coachella Valley a cache of food and snacks accompanied by me. Everything was neatly packed away, except for a giant bag of popcorn. It had to be handled on its own. Too big to ride with the other edibles.

It’s tough to miss the screaming large type. “SKINNY POP POPCORN.” “BIGGER SIZE.”

Last night I opened the bag. Look what fills around a third of it. Air!

There are lots of bigger problems to complain about, but I didn’t want Skinny Pop’s slick move to go unnoticed.

Seriously, Skinny Pop? Air?

One thought on “Hey Skinny Pop, Thanks For The Air”

  1. My sister in law worked for Frito Lay for over 30 years (maker of Fritos, Lays, Ruffles, etc). I mentioned all the air in the chip bags and she said it’s done to help cushion the product during packing, shipment and delivery. If there was no air the product would be crushed and all broken up.

    I wonder exactly what Skinny Pop is screaming is Larger size? Sometimes they say things like that and mean the Product is larger not the bag.

    I hate all this product downsizing. If you need a certain amount you now have to buy 2 of whatever where 1 used to work. Last week I was picking up Double Stuff Oreos for my husband and they now have a new Larger “Family Size” – which is what the old regular size used to be.


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