Coconut: Our Good Deed For Today

“Hello,” I called out. “I have your dog.”

No answer.



I was outside with Doppler a few minutes ago when another dog walked up to us and started sniffing. He was white, a Maltese like Doppler, freshly groomed and around twice her size.

“Hello,” I called out. “I have your dog.”

No answer.

I took a look at his collar. There was a phone number and his name, Coconut. We went inside.

Helaine called the number, but it went to voicemail. A few minutes later I sent a text. That’s when Coconut’s mom called.

She had been unloading groceries. Coconut must have walked out without being noticed. She’d meet us in the street in front of our house.

We’d never seen Coconut before even though he only lives a few hundred feet away. He is lucky we found him. There are coyotes who live in the farmland adjacent to our development. They are also dog lovers.

Good deed for the day. Mission accomplished. Cute doggie. Aren’t they all?

4 thoughts on “Coconut: Our Good Deed For Today”

  1. That was my thought too—maybe you could arrange play dates. Funny that you never saw the dog before—maybe it doesn’t get out for walks like Doppler does.

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