The Hummingpigs At Dinnertime


No one is more surprised than Helaine and me at the volume of nectar our friendly hummingpigs polish off every day. No matter when we fill it, they drain it by day’s end!

They’re so hungry my presence only feet away doesn’t stop them!

I love them, but this has gotten out-of-hand.

6 thoughts on “The Hummingpigs At Dinnertime”

  1. Yup. They will take full and unfair advantage of you.

    I’ve been threatened by hungry hummingpigs in our backyard when the feeder was empty. The bird buzzed and chittered in a full hover right in front of my face, darted to the empty feeder, came back in front of me, hovered and chittered again, flew back to the feeder then took off. I got the hint.

  2. Have always said – if hummingbirds were the size of sea gulls, it wouldn’t be safe to leave the house. 🙂

  3. Great photography—especially with the activity. We think we’re lucky if we get 2 at a time. Up here the squirrels dump the nectar before the birds can finish—or sometimes I have to dump it before it goes rancid. It I were set up like you folks, I’d really get nothing done around the house.

  4. One easy solution is planting lots of flowering trees and vines on your property. We get hummingpigs year round that way–something’s always in flower, and does not need to be reloaded. They don’t congregate as much in one spot, but you do see them fighting over choice flowers at times. They get into ‘chitter’ and dive-bomb antics a lot that way.

    They also have built a lot of nests in our taller trees and we can see them from our upstairs windows. Tiny, super tight nests the size of a demitasse cup or smaller. We’ve preserved a few when they were totally done with them. Before they are done, the nest is fiercely defended!

  5. You are lucky. We live next to the National Forest and have hundreds of hummers every year. We have 9 feeders that hold a quart each. They will drain them everyday in the prime time of the summer. We will go through 225 pounds of sugar in a summer. Enjoy them. Love my hummers.

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