The Prompter Is On

When it comes to mechanics, I have zero confidence. Larry came to keep me from doing anything stupid. He was in charge.



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Larry Fitzgerald came by yesterday. He brought his 9.5 year old son, also Larry.

Larry is a TV guy. We met a Channel 8 in New Haven decades ago. I have a few friends who are students of the business. Larry is one.

He came to help me with my teleprompter. The prompter monitor allows me to look forward and see what’s behind me in the chroma key! It complements monitors on my left and right. Knowing what’s on TV at all times comes in handy.

When it comes to mechanics, I have zero confidence. Larry came to keep me from doing anything stupid. He was in charge.

The camera gets mounted on the prompter assembly which gets mounted on the tripod. We were forced to think it through.

There were three or four Eureka moments, solving pieces of the puzzle, before we finally got the gizmo properly mounted. It’s small, but does the job. It opens up lots of possibilities.

I didn’t have the right cable. Off to Home Depot. I asked shorter Larry if he’d like to ride along? First time in a convertible. We zipped through the neighborhood.

Let me back up for a second. The cool part of Larry coming is who he brings. I remember nine and a half well enough to know this was a fun day for his son. Spending the day with my dad was always good

As soon as he came in I put a wireless mic on him, gave him the clicker and let him record a weathercast. Larry, who’s edited for the Oscars telecast, shot cell phone footage for a video which will be the hit of the family!

After the job was finished the three guys went to In-N-Out.

A very good day all around.

4 thoughts on “The Prompter Is On”

  1. Is the image reversed on the new monitor you just installed? I would think in terms of movement that would make life easier, but obviously any text on the background would be reversed too.

  2. Very Cool. You never really know what may be a defining moment for a kid–you may have just had a nice day, or you may have shown him an interesting never know what may influence a kid–

    I was a Scout Leader for years, and I like to hope I was a good influence…

  3. I saw pictures and the video, but somehow Larry left out the trip to In-n-Out….sounds like maybe the best part of the day.

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