It’s The Sechrists

We feel pity when easterners arrive.

“How bad was your winter,” I asked. As if I didn’t know.

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We had guests yesterday. Mike and Patty Sechrist stopped by. They’re West Virginians now. It was Mike who hired me in 1984 and brought me to WTNH. He runs a few TV stations now.

Helaine and I are definitely Californians. We feel pity when easterners arrive.

“How bad was your winter,” I asked, as if I didn’t know.

Mike holds a very special place in my life. He is my mentor, if it’s possible to have a mentor younger than you. He has offered encouragement and advice as I put together my home studio.

He seemed impressed. I hope he was impressed. He probably would like his own studio, if only for the fun toy factor.

It’s like being with family when we’re with Mike and Patty. Too short a visit. Helaine sent them on their way with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!

They’re in Palm Springs for a few days, then back to West Virginia. Spring will be there soon. This week they took a needed break from winter.

2 thoughts on “It’s The Sechrists”

  1. Thanxs Geoff for sharing this awesome article – a reflection of how the media was – HONORABLE – historically speaking – & model for young aspiring media arts future leaders in America. Hopefuly, a man of wisdom and honorable character can emerge once again – the many LIKES of Mike and Patty Sechrist – in time.

  2. I get the joke about winter big time – but more accurately I think you should pity “north” easterners or even “northerners” – Lol. Those in the far southern portions of the eastern USA (Gulf coast/south Atlantic) actually had a winter pretty close (in terms of temps) to what California had (even though CA had record warmth this winter). I think we forget how mild the winters our down on our southern Gulf Coast.

    Using NWS data, this meteorological winter (D/J/F), averaged monthly temps at stations like LA Airport (59 F), San Diego –Brown Field (58 F), and San Francisco (55 F)… were similar to the 3 month temps at stations like Corpus Christi (56 F), New Orleans (54 F), and Jacksonville, FL (54 F). Even though it was one of the warmest winters on record in much of California, places like Palm Springs (62 F)….were still no warmer than most of central Florida (Orlando was 62 F, Tampa was 62 F – slightly below average for them). Of course, NWS stations like Miami, Key West, Naples, WPB…etc. were all in the range of 70 F for meteorological winter – this was still 8 to 12 F warmer than anywhere out west.

    Yes, I’m a data geek Geoff just like you – lol.

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