Here Come The Pols

The election isn’t until November 2016. I’m not sure I can deal with it that long.

I had the radio on for my drive to Palm Desert this evening. That’s never a good thing (the radio listening, not the drive). First a little NPR then some political talk shows.

Why do I torture myself this way?

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On “Radio Times,” A WHYY production seemingly aimed at the Philadelphia metro but which plays nationally via satellite radio, I learned about Chris Christie’s deal settling a lawsuit with Exxon/Mobil.

New Jersey originally asked for $8.9 billion. Christie ordered it settled for $225 million. That’s literally pennies on the dollar.

Everyone outside the governor’s office (and Exxon/Mobil boardroom) seems upset. From the NY Times:

By a vote of 24 to 0, the Senate approved a resolution urging a judge to reject a proposed $225 million settlement in the case. The state had sought $8.9 billion in damages for restoration and for loss of use of the land by the public because of contamination caused by refineries in Bayonne and Linden.

The resolution urged the state to withdraw from the proposed settlement agreement because it is “inappropriate, improper and inadequate,” and called on the governor, a Republican, “to obtain maximum compensation possible” for the damages to wetlands and waterways.

It’s possible Christie isn’t as interested in making Jerseyite’s happy as he is in pleasing conservatives and corporate donors. He does seem interested in being president. Money is important if you’re running. Whatever the reason this deal is giving off major stench.

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I was pretty upset after hearing that… and then I got to listen to Ted Cruz’s announce he’s running for president. He wants to be president of a different country than I want. To me, his vision is scary.

Even to some Republicans his vision is scary.

Congressman Peter King (R-NY) appeared on CNN and didn’t mince words.

“We need intelligent debate in the country. Ted Cruz may be an intelligent person, but he doesn’t carry out an intelligent debate,” King said. “He oversimplifies, he exaggerates and he basically led the Republican Party over the cliff in the fall of 2013. He has shown no qualifications, no legislation being passed, doesn’t provide leadership and he has no real experience. So, to me, he is just a guy with a big mouth and no results.”

But would King support Cruz if he ended up becoming the Republican Party nominee for 2016?

“I hope that day never comes,” King told Blitzer. “I will jump off that bridge when we come to it.”

The election isn’t until November 2016. I’m not sure I can deal with it that long.

7 thoughts on “Here Come The Pols”

  1. And so it begins! All the conniving, finger pointing, exaggerations, and lies….it’s enough to make a sane person crazy. I just try to ignore most of it until both parties “thin the herd”!!!

  2. HOPEFULLY – there will be two new candidates one from Republican side and one from Democratic side that will foster good debate among Americans regarding their future in USA. If that doesn’t happen, then there will be a collapse of the process to elect the best qualified candidate for OVAL OFFICE. Currently, all candidates considered possible US Presidential hopefuls DON’T meet the litmus test – CASE CLOSED!

  3. Jeff you and the rest of the liberal establishment are scared of Cruz because he is what the majority of the US people want. They want a return of our country to what it was when our founders wrote the Constitution. It amazes me that the things that liberals, and that includes the Rinos in the Republican Party, are complaining about Cruz are basically the things that were known about Obama but were praised by liberals. It also scares the liberals that Cruz doesn’t need a teleprompter. Why? Because he believes in conservatism. And when you believe in something it comes naturally and conservatism scare liberals. It is time that this country got back on track with an improved economy, closing of the borders, abolishment of Obama Care and the the lawless actions of our present president. It is those like Cruz, Walker, Paul that can and will restore this great country to the “Shining Light On The Hill” to quote another fine conservative president, Ronald Reagan.Your comments would be appreciated.

    1. Jeremy –

      I am fearful of Cruz for a few reasons. Briefly, I feel there is a place for strong government regulation, now more than ever. Cruz feels the opposite. I feel America is a secular nation. Cruz feels that it’s a Christian nation and specifically, his favored form of born again Christianity. I certainly respect his right to practice his religion, but not to force it on others by making our laws comport.

      In his speech, which I listened to in its entirety, he only said what the results of his policies would be. He left out all the details. What would he cut to get to where he’s going?

      It’s all a moot point, because he’s the candidate Democrats dream of. He’s the Republican George McGovern.

  4. Jeremy,
    Please at least show enough respect and intelligence to spell Geoff’s name correctly!
    And Geoff, there’s no need to fear.(cue: underdog is here!) Cruz has about as much chance of being elected as I do!

  5. That’s the problem: There are too many government regulations. It stifles business & the economy.I don’t see where you think that Cruz wants to force religion on others. He is simply stating what is true. Our country was founded on Judeo Christian beliefs. It is mentioned in our Constitution and in The Declaration of Independence. I suggest you read the text of his speech and you will see what his plans are to bring our country back to the way it was before Obama. Oh and by the way did Obama say how he was going to implement his ideas before he was elected? If he did he would not have been elected. He had to lie about Obama Care saving you money; you can keep your doctor & etc. If Cruz is the candidate the Democrats dream of they should be praising him like they praise Jeb Bush. I say again, they are scared of him, plain & simple.Your comments would be appreciated.

    1. Jeremy – I have non-subsidized insurance which still covers my surgically repaired back. Without Obamacare I wouldn’t.

      I agree with you. Ted Cruz as the Republican candidate is our best bet if we want prosperity. I hope he’s nominated because he’s unelectable. Good luck.

      Remember, in 2012 it was Obama 334, Romney 206. Not even close.

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