It’s Always Something: Tire Edition

I spent the afternoon in Palm Desert. KMIR was doing a promotion with the American Diabetes Association. Glad to help.

6:45 came around. I had dinner plans with Farrell and Vered from Indio. I got in my car and… thump… thump… thump.

A flat? Really? Right in the station’s parking lot? Oh yeah. The nail’s right in the center of the tread of the left front tire.

Tonight I learned Mercedes doesn’t repair flat tires. Oh.

The miniature spare is on now, but I can’t see myself driving to Irvine on it. I borrowed an SUV from the station’s motorpool, which I’ll bring back tomorrow.

With any luck the flat will be fixed at a local tire place and I’ll drive home after tomorrow’s news.

It’s always something.

6 thoughts on “It’s Always Something: Tire Edition”

  1. Got that right and usually when you don’t have the time to “fix” it…..I wonder what else Mercedes doesn’t fix…better find out now…these things have a way of happening in threes…yikes…good luck Geoff

  2. Mercedes lack of response to your situation, doesn’t speak well for their self-proclaimed “24 hour roadside assistance” program. Maybe too much hype, and not enough substance on their part.

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