Planes Crash, But This Is Different


I never had a fear of flying. Still, the French crash of the Germanwings Airbus has me totally freaked out.

I remember the EgyptAir crash from 1999. The airline tried to hide the suicidal cause, if memory serves.

And now I worry this is why MH370 was never found. An airline cockpit is an impenetrable cocoon.

From NPR:

Although uncommon, such incidents are not unheard of. Since the mid-1970s, air-crash investigations have brought to light eight others in which intentional actions by a pilot or co-pilot to bring down an aircraft were either confirmed or suspected.

The Daily Mail asks,

Was Andreas Lubitz inspired by other plane disasters? Germanwings pilot’s actions echo recent tragedies – and could explain what happened to MH370

Is there an industry that has a higher percentage of unhappy employees than the airlines?

I’m still not scared to fly. But none of this is comforting.

One thought on “Planes Crash, But This Is Different”

  1. According to WTNH “they” are saying this co-pilot failed his psychological testing that very day. He had no business flying that plane. This isn’t a profession that can afford anyone to “fall between the cracks.” Perhaps pilots shouldn’t be allowed to fly the same day they’re tested. Obviously his test results weren’t communicated to someone authorized to remove him from the schedule.

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