Doppler Can’t Multitask


I’ve been noticing this for a while, but it just struck me: Doppler can’t multitask.

Granted, dogs don’t have much to do usually. It’s noticeable when she’s outside to ‘go.’

We’ll head to the lawn, usually because Doppler has dropped a hint she’s ready. Once we get out there she starts her routine of walking and sniffing until anything grabs her attention. It could be a noise, a car, or someone walking nearby.

That’s it. She’s off-the-scent, literally and figuratively. If I gently tug the leash she immediately goes back to piddle patrol.

It’s one or the other, like throwing a switch. She can’t do both. It’s crazy to watch.

Dogs are so in tune with us we sometimes forget they’re dogs. It’s moments like this that brings it all back into perspective.

2 thoughts on “Doppler Can’t Multitask”

  1. Yeah—even when they are in position and ready–if another dog is approaching (still a good distance away) or a loud car goes by–that’s what gets the attention off on another track–so we walk a bit til the next urge–or right scent comes along. While we stand there thinking about all the things we have to do, inside! Then they look up at you with those innocent, questioning eyes—and we melt.

  2. And your point is? They don’t have to multi-task they’re dogs….that’s one of the joys of being a dog.

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