Sometimes My Lips Are Sealed


No blogging for the past few days. That’s unlike me. I’m doing stuff I’m not ready to talk about and, of course, staying quiet is driving me crazy.

I am normally an equal opportunity blabber! Tonight, my lips are sealed.

Something’s getting put together. That means time downstairs in the studio and upstairs with my editing gear.

It’s become clear that the studio makes my house an actual production house! All the tools are here, which is crazy. Not that many years ago it would have taken seven figures to replicate what I have. Now it’s a tiny fraction of the original cost and with better quality!

It’s discomforting to see some of the stumbling blocks that made me a horrible student are still deeply entrenched. I suffer from ‘writers block,’ except not just for writing. It’s just tough for me to get started. I procrastinate well. Once moving things go smoothly… it’s getting moving that’s the problem.

Editing is a lot of fun. It’s probably the least understood piece of the creative process. A really good editor (I know a few and I’m not one) can make or break a piece. There are so many tools available to enhance storytelling or save bad shots. Those same tools can work against you. It’s important to keep your eye on content, not just presentation.

When it all comes together I’ll give you a look. In the meantime, I’m busy in front of screens keeping my mouth shut.

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