They Love The Rain


There are some things I’m just going to have to get used to. I have never seen so many people happy about a rainy day! Really, people are ecstatic.

We didn’t get much. The rain started falling before dawn and was gone around 3:00 PM. Most areas got between an eighth and quarter inch–aka, very little. However, in a place that’s only gotten around two inches total since January 2014, even an eighth inch is a notable achievement.

For the next few weeks there will be a little green on the mountainsides. Desert flowers will quickly bloom, then die away.

It’s likely there’ll be no more rain until late fall. Climatically that’s the way it works.

Recent forecasts, first from the Aussies and now from the European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasting, says a strong El Nino is building. If true, next winter in SoCal should be wet. We can really use it.

I wonder how many rain days we need before desert residents stop finding it cool? I’ll report back.

3 thoughts on “They Love The Rain”

  1. Our Weather folk are showing it as a deluge in San Diego, with street flooding! But even that only runs off and doesn’t get a chance to soak in

  2. Geoff:
    The cool/wet pattern in CA since late April…seems to be opposite of here in the Tri-State area: If you look at the NWS numbers they show how the ridge in the East and trough in the West has impacted the numbers so far this spring:

    NWS John Wayne Airport has had 1.0 inches of rain since April 22 and a mean temp of 63.3 F (1.2 F below normal) this May:

    NWS Central Park has had 0.9 inches of rain since April 22 and a mean temp of 67.2 F (7 F above normal) this May.

    You have had more rain in many areas of southern Califorina since late April then many areas of the Tri-State area . Although monthly mean temps are often similar in coastal southern Califorina and the Tr-State area in May, we are normally not this much warmer than you are in May.

    Not much rain in the forecast for the Tri-State area again this week. Some very light on/off showers today with highs in the 70’s F, then sunny and dry again on Sunday with highs in 80’s F.

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