What’s The Hottest Month?

That won’t work in the desert. We hit 105 way too often. We laugh at 105.

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It has turned blazing hot in the Palm Springs area. Our average on this date is 107. We hit 110. Tomorrow and Wednesday 113 are forecast.

I talk a lot about dew point, but there comes a time when nothing will make it more comfortable except lower temps. We’re there!

These are 2015’s hottest summertime temps even though we’re past the historically hottest day.

Going by standard Weather Service rules anything above a heat index temperature of 105 should produce a Heat Advisory. That won’t work in the desert. We hit 105 way too often. We laugh at 105.

heat advisories

For us the starting point is 112 on the thermometer, which is why a Heat Advisory is in effect for tomorrow and Wednesday.

One thing leads to another… in this case which is the hottest month? It’s not the same everywhere.

In the desert our hottest month is July, barely. That also goes for the Northeast where I grew up and lived most of my adult life. On the California Coast and nearby inland areas it’s August.

In any event, even the hotter places will soon begin getting cooler. I’m ready.

(h/t Brian Brettschneider ‏@Climatologist49 for the cool map)

8 thoughts on “What’s The Hottest Month?”

  1. I’m glad you brought this up—in 1983 my husband and I and my sister travelled by car to Salina KS. While most folk stayed in motels, we camped across the country and set up camp in a private park in Salina. I quickly learned that Hot–is just that–Hot. We had a constant breeze, but it was never refreshing—sort of like standing in front of a brick pizza oven with a fan blowing! My husband was there for a 1st reunion of his airforce group–an elite hand picked group of men who (during the Korean conflict) were highly classified and guarding the components of the atomic bomb on Guam, which they could assemble on command.(1950-54). 1983 was when they were finally declassified and could openly talk about it. We could not afford the trip and stay in a motel–thus we camped. We were the only ‘crazy ones’ walking the streets of downtown Lindsborg with the thermometer reading 114 F! We used to think that it was only the humidity that made us so hot—well it was bone dry and HOT in Kansas that year–early July–I think! So, thanks for reviving my memories!

  2. We have had a hot summer so far in the Tri-State area as well: NYC ended July 2.3 F above normal. This past Sat was really torrid – Central Park hit 96 F and with the lower 70’s dew point they said the THI was like 105 – 110 F. I don’t mind, you just have to slow down and not do too much. Look on the bright side, at least the USA has real summer weather in most places, I have friends from the USA who now live up in the UK (where a 70 F is hot – LOL) and they always say this miss USA summers the most.

  3. Hey, Ginger Jeffries joining KMIR 5,6,11…those are YOUR times!! I watch KMIR because of YOU. You are a great meteorologist. Intelligent. Funny. What’s up???

    1. And PLEEEEZE don’t say you are leaving a weather role Coachella Valley. You are the best weather person in the valley!!!

        1. Oh NO!!! Where are you going? You are the best weather person in the valley! Weather is my favorite thing on the news,(I was a Dr. George fan back in the day – when most people thought he was a complete geek!) It is the only thing on the news that represents any sort of intellectual pursuit, analysis of data and insightful predictions. I loved that, every week, you had a weather tidbit, – like explaining what dew point IS, not just that it’s related to humidity, or how a straight-line thunderstorm occurs with cold air pushing down rapidly displacing the warm air which has to go somewhere quickly. I have lived in Palm Desert for jut over a year and not a huge fan of “other” weather (chief meteorologists)people who are prenentous and have an irritiating voice. You were such a breath of fresh air! Plus to watch the news is the only time I sat down. Everyone in my household knows 5PM Geoff Fox for the weather, 5:30 Lester Holt and 6PM Geoff Fox again. You are the reason I watch KMIR! Now I have to change my whole darn sit-down-for-TV line up!! Hopefully some other network has the foresight to snag and retain a talent like you, what a loss to KMIR/NBC Palm Desert to lose someone with your level of talent, intelligence and humor!!! Fools! I see on your blog that you have other ventures… I wish you much luck and great success in whatever is next for you Geoff Fox! Happy Trails (and you know the rest of that).

          1. Thank you. I appreciate KMIR participating with me in proving that weather can be done from a remote location without sacrificing quality or commitment. They took quite the chance.

  4. Geoff, you may be ready for cooler temps, but I, living back in CT, am dreading another winter like we just experienced! My motto has, and will always be, “I’d rather sweat than shiver!”

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