On Working From Home


I work from home. There are many advantages. There are fewer disadvantages. It’s mainly a good thing.

Filling the car once-a-month is nice. Zero time commuting too.

The threshold for a sick day is a lot higher.

Sometimes I don’t leave the house (except to walk Doppler) for days on end. Done happily. I am content here.

I follow the weather in Northeast Nebraska, where I forecast, religiously. I really don’t care about the weather here. There is no bad weather here, only less good. I am hermetically sealed anyway.

The equipment in my studio has quirks. These are the 21st Century equivalent of knowing where to bang a machine to get it to run right. It’s been exceptionally dependable, but I worry.

I have daily deadlines to meet. That forces me to follow a rough schedule. My work life has structure, not my natural tendency.

I miss being with people. I miss the immediate reaction I got from crew members and anchors while I was on-the-air.

I don’t miss office politics. When you’re at the job there are concerns about things over which you have no control. Now, I only concentrate on my production. It’s impossible to overvalue this one benefit.

I am a lot happier.

It’s nice to finish a session and walk right into the kitchen and house or sit on the patio while waiting for data to arrive.

Working from home has been very good.

2 thoughts on “On Working From Home”

  1. As a fellow “work from home” person…I agree it is quite nice, especially for us folks a bit older -lol.

    However, watch the pitfalls my friend – many times I get up with a strong agenda, shower/shave, get dressed (maybe not in real work clothes, but in pants and shoes), walk into the home office and say to myself (trying to be disciplined)…”OK I have to be productive today”.

    Then I see the sun coming up and think “gee, it’s such a nice day, it’s a sin to stay in inside, I’ll do some work later”. I head outside to work in the garden, walk down to the beach (I live in south Lyme, CT near beach), walk to the fishing pier…etc. Soon, I look at my watch and it’s 1:45 PM…and I realize another day is slipping away – LOL.

    I can only imagine in CA with more sun and 12 nice months not 7, it is even worse – LOL.

    1. Sorry Matt. Somehow this originally ended up in my spam bucket.

      I would definitely be the kind of person who puts things off, but I have deadlines that can’t be broken. It forces me to be somewhat disciplined.

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