When I Met Michael J. Fox

spincity2lgThis will be brief.

I was working in New Haven. We were invited to a sales pitch in NYC where some ABC personalities would be in attendance. Spin City was in production and Michael J. Fox was there.

He was chatting, I think with Richard Kind, when I walked up, stuck out my hand and said, “Michael J. Fox, I’m Geoffrey J. Fox.”

He was not impressed.

I quickly walked away.

Not every story is a good story.

3 thoughts on “When I Met Michael J. Fox”

    1. Had an extremely similar experience with the same man several years back. While I had enjoyed the show immensely I cannot say the same of the reception of the very few people who stuck around afterwards to have a brief word.
      Never again.

  1. They’re on a different wavelength once they are popular. They forget where they came from. I had an entirely different experience with Roy Clark after an Oakdale concert. He talked with us for 15 minutes about growing up and learning to play the guitar. Nice guy

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