She’s The Birthday Puppy

IMAG3292_PerfectlyClearDoppler came to us from the system. She was a guest of the Wallingford, CT pound when we first met. She came home with us (and Bentley with Cheryl and Steve) on this date, November 18, 2011.

It seems like she’s been with us forever. She never seemed like a stranger.

Because her background is sketchy, we don’t know Doppler’s real age. Judging by her teeth we were told she was two or three, making her six or seven today.

She still acts like a puppy. She levitates herself when Helaine comes home and Doppler wants to get to ‘touch me’ level.

She is a member of the family. She knows exactly what’s expected of her and delivers. And, we’re pretty good at reciprocating.

Happy birthday dear Doppler. Happy birthday to you.

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