In The Hospital Again

_MG_0475My dad’s in the hospital tonight. Everything’s under control. He will probably leave minus a gallbladder and with a new found respect for staying hydrated.

I understand my father’s dilemma. He knows most aches and pains are just passing moments. If he called us for every one (and by us, I mean my sister and brother-in-law who have taken on this responsibility) we’d never hang up.

On the other hand, maybe his threshold needs to be readjusted down a little. That would have mattered here.

Trudi said as soon as they gave him some fluids via IV he perked up. Being ninety is no small task. It is physically taxing and a little scary. My dad usually handles it well.

He called tonight.

“They have some pretty nurses here,” he said. He’s said that at every hospital stay and even some of my mom’s. He sounded great, probably glad to have the constant company a hospital provides.

Cue the jokes in 3, 2, 1…

He’s in a community hospital this time. He’s in a whole lot less peril and should be out in a few days.

5 thoughts on “In The Hospital Again”

  1. Hi, Geoff!
    Prayers for your Dad’s speedy recovery!! Hydration is a big deal for so many folks. If they nab his gallbladder, encourage him to deep breathe, turn, move around and cough. Sounds silly but gets the lungs up to speed post anesthesia. [He’s probably a pro by now with his last surgery. ] Please send him my love and tell one of the pretty nurses to give him a hug from his biggest fan in Danbury!☺️

  2. So glad he is OK. Had been thinking we had not heard about him in a while and
    had hoped he would be visiting you soon as he seems
    to thrive when he’s with you there. Hope he knows how
    many people care about him and think he is very special!!!!!!

  3. Glad your Dad is OK! Last week we went through that with my 93 year old Mother at Yale NH Hospital. They found a touch of pneumonia, UTI, and dehydrated. Seems being dehydrated is a common thing with the elderly. She is back at the nursing home now and doing fine. But still scary when it was happening…

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