My Somewhat Complex Selfie

Geoff Fox promo selfie

The stations I work for in Nebraska are small and new. Like my studio, News Channel Nebraska is doing things that haven’t been done before. Our stations are like nothing you’ve ever watched. They are 100% local 24/7 in an area that’s never had coverage before.

But, they are small and new.

I have an NCN phone on my desk, Extension 1008. It warbled a few minutes ago when Lane called. He’s the production coordinator at night (I have no idea what Lane’s actual title is. It’s what he does).

He was calling for our brand new newsroom in Columbus, Nebraska. They needed a photo to show in a monitor as they intro’ed the weather. Did I have one?

Instead of finding something, I shot a selfie. The graphic behind me is a single frame from an animation. I was shot by studio camera in front of a green wall. It ran through my TriCaster control room exiting as bits onto a hard drive. Once I sat down I chose the frame.

This is probably the world’s first TV news promo selfie.

3 thoughts on “My Somewhat Complex Selfie”

  1. This is technology we would have sold our souls for not that long ago….technology marches on, and techno-geeks like us just smile and learn new stuff! What fun!

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