The Most Awkward Time Of The Year

The Foxes have a tree again. We are non-traditional Christmas tree owners. We never knew our place at Christmas. Now we embrace what we can.

Upon return from Las Vegas our tree was already decorated. Stefanie, who also organized and neatened my tool case, is the responsible party. She used our potted, one-season old, grapefruit tree on the patio.

It’s perfect.

Now I’m ready for Christmas, if it would just warm up a little. Only sixties today.






7 thoughts on “The Most Awkward Time Of The Year”

  1. Hey Geoff, I did some clicking but could not find an explanation. Where is it? I’m glad you can share a little Christmas spirit – Peace To All – and the lights are oh, so pretty.

  2. Considering the “Christmas tree” is a Pagan tradition that has zero to do with Christianity, it should be totally fine for anyone who wants one to go right ahead. 🙂 Love your little grapefruit tree!

  3. I like the grapefruit tree, but I thought they would only survive outdoors all year in a place like Florida. How do those plants take the cold at night. I saw on the news overnight lows in your area have been near 40 F, and they said Wed morning it was in the 30’s F in a lot of southern CA (Oceanside fell to 32 F Wed morning). Can they handle temps that?

    My dad has one he keeps out on the patio in Stamford from April through late fall, then takes it in. I might give it a go, I love the look of them.

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