Dear Zajdel

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Dear Zajdel,

You don’t know me. You bought the little WD server I returned to Amazon. I hope it’s working better for you than me.

You may be wondering how I know you have my old server?

Following events are generated on your WDMyCloudMirror CloudZajdel.

Event title:Power Supply Failure

Event description:Power supply failed. Check power supply.


Event code:1022

Event time:12-17-2015 08:46:56 PM

Firmware version: 2.10.310

Event title:Ethernet Port %1 Connected at 10/100

Event description:Connection speed limited to 10/100 Mbps rates.


Event code:2041

Event time:11-21-2015 09:34:16 AM

Firmware version: 2.10.310

Event title:Network Link Down

Event description:The network link is down or has become intermittent. Check your network connection.


Event code:1002

Event time:11-21-2015 09:33:24 AM

Firmware version: 2.10.310

Every time you have a problem I read all about it! From your IP address I know you’re near Pittsburgh and using Verizon.

Let me know if you see this. I can’t think of any other way to find you. In the meantime, this is the last of them I’ll see. Your server notifications are going to be filtered out.

All the best,

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