Glad I Didn’t Make That Forecast!


The monumental, Earth shattering, snowmageddon predicted for New England this weekend will disappoint. There will be a huge snow dump… but well south of Connecticut.

Predicting snowfall amount a week in advance is a fool’s errand. Science just isn’t that good today. Beyond that, people might forget whether a forecaster says 36º or 39º, but no one forgets anything when the word “foot” is in the weathercast!

So, my ‘less than everyone else’ forecast gets a little smaller. I’m expecting three or four inches on the shoreline in Fairfield and New Haven counties with significantly less elsewhere.

By the way, here in SoCal it’s been gorgeous. It has snowed in Irvine, just not in the last fifty years.

6 thoughts on “Glad I Didn’t Make That Forecast!”

  1. Thanks, Geoff. Watched you for years from Trumbull and I’m still relying on you for the un-hyped forecast! Keep them coming for Connecticut!

  2. As a weather geek I could see the local forecast fold like a cheap suitcase!! But confirmation from a weather professional was very reassuring that my sense of it was correct! Miss your insight and your great forecasting.

  3. Pretty amazing, and a testament to your meteorological skills and knowledge that a LOT of folks here in CT still wait to hear your take on conditions. As I’ve said before, your moving was CT’s loss!

    And, for the record, the locals are pretty much predicting Armageddon…

  4. Finally, a prediction that I can live with! Good to have your input. The regulars on Ch 4 have been going along with your observations—it is the young ones who fill in for the regulars that talk fast and get all excited and hype up the storm (of storms)! The one prediction that probably will come through is that of the extraordinary high tides along the coast, including backing into L I sound. Ch. 8 has been shaking up everyone, again, these days–did some anchor switches. Matt Scott is now on FoxCT–sometimes I think it is the station who pushes you weather folk to ‘talk it up’! How’s Northern Neb.going?

  5. One note about snow in southern CA from a climatology guy:

    While snow in SOCAL is not nearly as common as the northern states…there has been many snows in SOCAL over the years. In downtown Los Angeles was 2 inches in 1932 (double that north of the city)…and in the 1960’s up to 3 inches fell in Burbank. In fact, there is often a dusting of snow in parts of CA every decade or so: On December 31st 2014 …the hillier parts of the region from the Grapevine to Riverside County all the way to San Diego County got snow…and just this past January (2016) the higher elevations in San Diego had snow according to their National Weather Service station there.

    In the United States EVERYWHERE gets snow now and then….expect the Florida Keys and coastal Miami (in 1977 a Trace/T was reported inland of Miami, the only known trace since 1830).

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