Perfect Day


People sometimes wonder why we moved to California? They’ve never been here on a day like this. It’s January 26th and the weather is exquisite, thank you!

No exaggeration, the sky was so blue it seemed like someone had turned the saturation knob too far!

Easterly breeze all day. Minor Santa Ana event. It drove the temp into the low 70s. Humidity was nowhere to be seen.

Every place, even this place, has pluses and minuses. The weather is such a major plus nothing else matters.

I am typing this in my studio with the side door to the patio wide open. Did I mention it’s January?

7 thoughts on “Perfect Day”

  1. Going back and forth between Florida and Connecticut in winter to see my sister really drives home the point (if one hates winter weather) how different the lifestyle is in winter between the sunbelt and the rest of the USA. In Florida I’m tan, I lose weight, eat at the cafes outside, we cruise to the Bahamas and shop for the day…etc, we are outside all the time. Back in CT we really don’t go outside nearly as much in the 3 winter months. You get cabin fever those 3 months no matter what you do if your not an indoor person.

    Still, I guess I should not complain – we hit 51 F today in Milford, CT and the snow is melting fast (gone from most of the beachfront already). I sat on the front porch with a lighter jacket on and it was not too bad. Sunny skies and near 50 F again for Wed is forecast…still wish I was in Miami or San Diego in January! But as Dr. Mel used to say – by mid Feb the back of winter is broken…and that’s not far off.

  2. Any time that I can open a few windows and get some fresh air in, in the final days of January, is a Good Time! But it does make it harder to tolerate the bitter cold days! And, I haven’t used much oil yet to heat the house. I’ve been able to keep the Thermostat in the low 60’s. And the sunsets are pretty colorful, this time of the year. But ski parks are hurting, as are other winter sports—ice fishing/boating not possible yet Too much variation in Temps.
    And to HW –some of our worse snow storms come in Feb & March–but do dissipate fairly quickly as it stays light longer.

  3. Barb B.

    We have also done very well with the oil this winter. They say the December has similar average temps to April, so it’s no wonder we used so little oil. As far as the Ski parks and other winter sports…I don’t think it means much in Connecticut/NYC/LI…etc, as there is no real winter sport industry here. The places up in ski country (VT/NH/ME upstate NY,…etc) have actually done OK since the year started. While we in CT/NYC/NJ had no snow, it snowed many times up there, so I think they are doing OK.

    Yes, we can get snow in Feb…we really only have a real snowstorm in March every 5 or 10 years…and with the sun so strong, it has no chance of lasting very long. That’s one advantage to CT/NYC area unlike up in the far north like ME, MI….etc, the sun gets quite strong at even in Feb and March. People forget cities like NYC or New Haven (41 north) are just as far south as cities like Naples, Italy.

  4. This perfectly captures why it was so hard for me to get on the plane in LAX yesterday afternoon and fly back to JFK. I was *so* close to just saying Screw Everything and staying a couple more days, but alas…

  5. I agree! We have been in SoCal for a week and the weather is gorgeous !! Going back to Connecticut (under protest) on Monday

  6. Yes, I would rather be in Florida or CA for the winter…but I do think they (the news media/weather folks) hype the crap out of it. In CT already 75% of the snow is TOTALLY gone…and what’s left will be gone by this Sat/Sun. By Monday highs in Washington DC will be near 60F (near 70F into VA) and whatever snow is left will be 100% gone.

    Despite all the hype….it didn’t even last 10 days on the ground. We are such wimps on the upper East Coast, people in the real snowbelts like CO or MI must laugh so much about all the fuss we make out of one snowstorm.

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