Coming Soon To Nebraska: Snow


I don’t know what tomorrow will be like here in Orange County, but I am intimate with the weather in Nebraska. Snow is coming early next week and all those old feelings are returning.

You have no idea how much I, or any meteorologist, wants to be right. I take it very personally. I can’t be alone.

I now have the power of maps. GrADS is up and running. I’m beginning to get the feel.

This snow map is based on the GFS, but tweaked by my understanding of the difference between what falls and how that stacks up. Computer models don’t take into account the natural shrink of the snowpack while it’s still snowing.

Unfortunately, the maps give an exact feel to a forecast that’s still plenty fluid. I hate that part.

It looks like a significant snow. I forecast few separate areas in Nebraska. They are all getting different amounts, all enough to be a hassle.

At the moment Southeastern Nebraskan’s will likely to see over a foot.

Between the 12z and 18z GFS runs, heavier snow bands shifted southward nearly a hundred miles. Now with 00z they’re farther south, still.

It’s a monster storm. Even at the edges there will be significant snow. Tonight the heaviest action is modeled to be in far Southeastern Nebraska and Kansas.

It’s only Thursday. Where are the Pepto pills?

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon To Nebraska: Snow”

  1. Does that put it in the area of Lincoln, or further south? Just wondering—-a friend always told me that Lincoln hardly ever gets any of the ‘big weather events’.

  2. It’s so weird you are the meteorologist for our hyperlocal news channel. Wow. When I was a kid in CT you were the one who told us if school was going to be cancelled or not. Now you are predicting the weather here in Northeast Nebraska. I’m fascinated by your studio step up and loved the video. I keep wondering if we could set up something like that in our studio which is a mix of old analog and Black Magic equipment. Anyways, nice to see you again.

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