Harold Fox: A Day Of Beauty


I’m not sure I’ll get this whole story right. It’s come to me second-hand. Helaine, Stef and my dad went and had their nails did.

First things first. In this mostly Vietnamese salon, in our predominantly Asian neighborhood, my dad was asked if he was Japanese! Not the first time.

The whole idea for this trip is to keep my father busy and entertained. So far he has answered every challenge. And he’s having a great time.

The more he does the stronger he gets.

3 thoughts on “Harold Fox: A Day Of Beauty”

  1. Geoff,
    Just a note about the video–to brief. But after I watched it and it ended I got a screen of other video selections that do not appear related to your family. I did not click onto them–just thought you’d want to know.
    Can’t you dad stay long enough to have Spring come to the mid west?? Seems to me, it would be better than going from warm to freezing! He looks sharp (mentally & physically)I am glad for all of you ===blessings to all.

  2. Geoff Great to see him and HEAR him for the first time!!!! He certainly does
    NOT sound like he is 90!!!!!!! Voice for TV or radio- and sounds better and
    stronger then others on air nowadays!!!!!
    Also still think he should stay out there-obviously he
    thrives there!!!!! As you all are too with him.

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