What Condition His Condition Is In

We continue to be blown away by my father’s physical condition. His TAVR surgery had more impact than anticipated. When people talk about miracles of modern science they’re talking about what happened to my father.

Last night he walked upstairs after some TV watching (they don’t play MSNBC this much in MSNBC’s control room!). Stef, who is visiting and was upstairs in the loft, asked if he had taken his pills?


She offered to go get them, but he just turned around, walked down, took his pills and walked back up. This was unthinkable a month or two ago.

It’s tough to remember, but my father seems more fit today that he was five or ten years ago. More importantly, he feels the difference and is encouraged to go for more. We are pleased to help. It’s not like he’s training for a triathlon. His needs are small.

We plan on hitting the mall later today.

4 thoughts on “What Condition His Condition Is In”

  1. Geoff it’s so great to see your dad make such a great comeback!
    Medical science, mazel, a supportive family and the will to live are a winning combination!
    Best wishes to your dad for continuing good health and to you for your excellent reports so we in Connecticut can follow your new life in California!

  2. It does my soul good to read these great entries about your dad. How very fortunate he, you and the rest of your family are. I trust you are enjoying every moment of his visit. 🙂

  3. Geoff – Remarkable – I am so pleased for him and all of you who get to enjoy each other with your “Bionic Man” Have a fantastic visit – you all look so happy!!! Big HUG to Harold. God Bless Pat from Stamford (was in Norwalk for 12 yrs but back home to Stamford)

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