He Has Run Me Ragged

I am exhausted from my father’s visit and we haven’t hit the midway point yet! Yesterday we went to the Farmers Market then whale watching. I collapsed on the couch a few hours before my usual bedtime.

It’s no problem, however, for the Energizer Bunny. He keeps going… and going… and going.

Here’s a little look at Sunday.

_MG_3075 - Copy (2)

_MG_3087 - Copy

_MG_3090 - Copy

_MG_3120 - Copy


_MG_3163 - Copy

_MG_3229 - Copy

_MG_3247 - Copy

















_MG_2977 - Copy - Copy

9 thoughts on “He Has Run Me Ragged”

  1. Looking absolutely fantastic. No wonder he’s running you ragged, Geoff. He’s got that incredible walker to help him along. And it looks like it’s the Rolls Royce of walkers. We love you all.

  2. His color and general appearance is great. I am so happy for him and all of your family. It makes you wonder how much of his life he put on hold while he looked after your mom. It is so great to see him enjoying life, and you, also. That is a great picture of the two of you–worth framing for you dad and family–(Steph will want one too, I would guess) Enjoy each day that you are all together.

  3. Hi Geoff,I am loving your Dad’s visit! Thanks for bringing us along! Those whales are fantastic. I love seeing the 2 of you together. Lost my dad too early in life to make many memories but those I have are priceless…I wish you guys more ragged running today!

  4. Geoff, it’s easy to see he is a NEW man and enjoying life to the max and thriving.
    And all of us who have lost our Dads can understand and appreciate what a
    wonderful gift this is for the four of you to be together and savor every day!!!!!

  5. Geoff, enjoy having your dad with you and cherish every minute. I miss mine every day and would give anything to have him back for one more day.

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