He Said What?

How is that any different from, “You wouldn’t want to see anything happen to your store?”

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I’ve been out of the loop, so pardon me if this is old news (it moves so swiftly). Donald Trump said if he doesn’t get the nomination, “I think you would see problems like you’ve never seen before. I think bad things would happen. I really do. I wouldn’t lead it, but I think bad things would happen,”

How is that any different from, “You wouldn’t want to see anything happen to your store?”

Seriously, to my friends who support this man, please reach deep inside for a moment. I know you’ve seen him lie, make crap up on the spot, say one thing and then the opposite or just deny what happened happened. It’s got to make you at least a little uneasy.

Those protesters shouldn’t have gone inside Trump’s event in Chicago, but protesters heckle every candidate. It’s only with Trump where it leads to confrontation and physical violence.

The rest of us are scared sh**less. We really are.

We know you mean well. We’ve all been screwed over the last 25 years. But Trump is one of those doing the screwing.

It was he who brought in Polish workers to build his buildings and whose products were made in China. It was Trump who used H1-B visa’s to get foreign waitstaff at his resorts. He said American workers earn too much. Do you?

And, of course, Trump University.

Do you really want to trust him with our country?

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  1. You said it well! The thing that is really bothering me….besides the fact that Trump might have a shot at the White House….is the number of people that are so eager to trust someone who has repeatedly lied, cheated, and threatened so many?!?! Is common sense and common decency extinct in this country????

    1. Shirley – he is preying on some of our most mistreated citizens. These are formerly middle class, mainly white, laborers. Trump speaks directly to them. He is a con man plain and simple.

      If you’ve lived your life in Waterbury, Connecticut (as an example) you have seen your city’s industries and well paying jobs offshored. Politicians talk, but the situation continues to get worse and in some cases, desperate.

      1. We definitely need change, but not in the form of Trump! He’s totally narcissistic, with no respect for honesty….or self restraint.
        I laughed when you mentioned Waterbury, home of another crooked politician, John Roland. My husband was on the grand jury when Roland was caught the first time…..he’s another good example of an egotistical public figure thinking he’s above the law.

  2. Geoff

    I agree with most of what you said about Trump. Might you comment on how trustworthy you think Hillary is as well. How can a potential CIC not know that the contents of her emails were HIGHLY classified, even if she does not stamp them. She should be indicted, although I doubt Obama will allow that to happen. I know I, obviously many others, do not trust her.

    1. Don – If you look, it’s my understanding none were considered classified when they passed through her hands. Some of those now classified include items published in newspapers!

      I find this somewhat funny because when I was at Channel 8 I sent all my station mail through my own server. I’m sure at some point they went to look at my email and realized I sent a no more than handful on their server during my tenure. It wasn’t done to hide but because (at that time) it was much simpler to aggregate all my mail this way.

      She is not my first choice, but she is acceptable. If there she’d done anything illegal 30 years of Republican accusations would have found it. She’s a pol. She’s a horse trader. A wheeler dealer. But she gets stuff done.

      Conservatives have been jettisoned by the Silent Majority who are much more populist and much less corporatist than traditional Republicans.

      Let me be clear, I have never said about a candidate what I say about Trump. I am not asking anyone to vote for anyone. All I’m asking is, “Please, not Trump.”

  3. I agree Trump is not the best solution, but who is? If Hillary hadn’t had her husband, or democrats in power, she would have been indicted for at least one of her many issues. She is part of the insider politics that will insure it gets no better, and probably much worse for those of us on fixed incomes. No, let me have the devil I know, so I might better prepare for it, than the devil who has skated so often that the rules no longer apply to her. Much more dangerous, I think.

  4. I can’t understand why he is not in custody. They are saying he has bribed and promised people positions on his staff. These people have come right out and said so, Ben Carson is one who has been paid for his endorsement. Why is Trump still being allowed to flap his gums?

    1. Why aren’t Bush Jr and Dick Cheney in custody? Trump is basically yelling fire in a crowded movie theater which is a feloney. But I have a degree in Political Science and he hasn’t a snowballs chance in hell of becoming president. The Christian Right will not vote for him. The establishment is against him so the GOP won’t bother to steal the election or come out to vote. The Dems are going crush him.

  5. Geoff, thank you for posting this. I think you’re right on the money. It’s astounding how many people are actually for him!

  6. In the end…its just a waste of time – Trump will lose to Clinton no matter what happens.

    It’s demographics…Clinton appeals to many more voters than Trump (woman, Hispanics, middle class people, college kids…etc).

    Thankfully, the GOP still doesn’t understand how demographically America is populated.

  7. I am having nightmares about Trump. to me, the worst outcome is that people who don’t like either candidate will stay home on election day. The Trumpeters will be out in force, becuz they have swallowed his line. to not vote , or do a write in will insure a victory for Trump. Heaven help us!

  8. You’re absolutely right Geoff. The idea that this guy could end up president is really scary. More than having Sarah Palin as vice president. Hopefully enough sane voters will go to the polls in November and keep this from happening.

  9. Geoff,
    Thanks for opening the conversation. And thanks to all who sent follow up comments. I was afraid that I was alone in my thoughts of running scared. Besides making our Election process the laughing stock of the rest of the country, I cringe to think how he would be in office. All those who believed that the Gestapo was never real, sure will get a taste of dictatorship. And what happens when Congress refuses to endorse his votes—does he knock them off too? Or get his “security people” after them. I can’t believe that people are falling for his line of thinking–but then, wasn’t it Barnum who said “there’s a sucker in every crowd”—in this case, there’s a dozen suckers in his crowd!

  10. He’s disgusting and makes me want to retch!! Our Nation will have sunk to a new low if this man ever gets the keys to the Oval Office! 🙁

    Wake up America………he epitomizes the “Ugly American”

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