Good News After The Meltdown

IMAG0730-w1920-h1080My studio had a major meltdown a few weeks ago. I didn’t talk about it much. I was mostly curled up in the corner, whimpering.

My TriCaster has been swapped for another. That’s terrible news. Except now it’s good news!

Everything I do, my entire workflow (to use the vernacular) is based on how I visualized things working before the studio was assembled. My macros (what’s in the photo above) were built with what I knew a few days out-of-the-box.

I get to start over. Literally, it’s a forced do-over. All my customized work is gone. Who knew you shouldn’t store your backups on the machine you were backing up!

There is now a single button which puts my studio into record mode. It loads the video and sets the inputs to the switcher. That one button will save me time every session. There are tiny technical mistakes every day. This could eliminate over 50%.

Capture 00001 (Output1)My forecast pages (there are six every session, three times a day) now respond to a spreadsheet. No more Photoshop, a great program, but ill suited for what’s really text entry. This will save 15-20 minutes a day.

I’m the last guy you’d expect to talk about organization and optimization. Being more efficient is important as we expand in Nebraska and I develop some off-TV ideas. Time is my most valuable commodity.

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