The New Optimized Workflow

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I just finished tonight’s shows for Nebraska. Seven segments for five different stations. My new optimized workflow is in place.

And the answer is… OMG.

My hope was to get some improvement in efficiency, but I’m blown away. There are physical limits to how much time can be shaved, but this is like showing up on set and the crew’s ready to go.

The one button start-up macro does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Restarts from tech blowups are mainly gone.

Big savings on font entry too. I write my forecast on paper first. Lots of scratch outs and changes. On-air forecast pages are created in the TriCaster from words and numbers I enter on a spreadsheet. So much easier.

Hit save. Boom. TV.

On this slow weather day I spent some of my extra time making another map to explain why Nebraska is weather blessed this week.

6 thoughts on “The New Optimized Workflow”

  1. You really have expanded your geographical area—do you cover all of these areas? You are almost to the Colorado border! Interesting –the constant changes in technology.
    How’s your dad doing?

  2. I’m really impressed with all you’ve accomplished with your home station. It’s not easy being the writer producer, technical support and the talent too. I used to have a Commadore Amiga 2000 with the Newtek Video Toaster with two 20 gig hard drives. I was on the cutting edge of technology back in the 80s. I must have spent over $30,000 on videos equipment back then. Now, you can do the same thing on a laptop pc.

  3. Geoff

    Do you intend to continue to post to this site – one you that once / near daily posted for ??? many years?

    I have always enjoyed your many CT posts, a few on your poker skills, your many photos etc

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