Why Aren’t You Blogging Anymore?


My father is the latest with the question.

“Why aren’t you blogging anymore?” he asked tonight. “It’s been two weeks.”

It’s unusual for my dad to quantify like that. He’s actually been counting the days. I guess it does seem significant. At one point I’d gone five or more years without missing an entry.

There are a few reasons I haven’t written. Number one is Facebook. I am frustrated to be so dependent on it. When do I post directly on Facebook or make it a blog entry? It’s never clear.

Some of your comments on Facebook show you see my blog link but only read the headline. Do you hear my ego deflating?

Beyond that I had been consumed by politics, but didn’t want to discuss it. That would be BORING.

Also had equipment troubles (solved), but didn’t want to discuss it.

I have been consumed putting together the pieces for a project I’m working on. It’s very time consuming since I’m building parts of it from the ground up. In some cases I’m stopping to learn how to wrangle a new language or rewrite code. I have enlisted a fellow weather nerd to help me amass and smash the data. In my mind the end result is cool. Can’t talk about that either.

So, a little vacation is all it is. Just a slight change of scenery.

Merv said it best, “Be right back.”

16 thoughts on “Why Aren’t You Blogging Anymore?”

  1. I wonder how many people still remember Merv in his pre-game-show days – I used to go to NYC as a teenager to see tapings of his talk show. He didn’t look like the kind of guy who’d make millions as a producer, but I guess he had many different talents.

  2. Ditto what Don said. Had also been concerned
    that your Dad’s health was the reason you were
    not communicating. So glad he’s OK!!!!

  3. Ditto on the health of your dad, since last we knew he was again hospitalized with Bronchitis.
    I am used to your taking the weekends off, but this recess was longer than that, or even when you have taken a hop over to LV. We, in general, tend to forget that you do have a family life too, and your past has taught you that what you blog doesn’t stay with the blog. I worry sometimes about some of your posts.
    I don’t follow you on facebook—I’m not there yet–still fearful of virus’ and crashes. So, thanks for filling us in and letting us know all is well with the whole Fox clan.

  4. I enjoy your blog posts and what you post on Facebook. It’s so nice you stay connected with everyone in that manner. Actually, I think the coolest thing is how you are broadcasting weather for Nebraska while you are living in California! It’s amazing, really and truly it is.

  5. please continue with this blog1 i only look for you here, to see CA pics and news. i am new on FB and really can’t stand it. i check there rarely.
    I love your comments on current politics. I may have to do something dire if there are enough non thinking people to elect trump

  6. You have been my all time fave weatherman/forcaster, followed you your entire career here in CT, including when you went over to the Fox Network. Was just so relieved that you hadn’t left us completely! I’m happy for your new life in CA, but we will never have another weatherman with your presentation, personality and fun/holiday neck ties lol! Loved your dog Ivy, now enjoy following Doppler and your fam on here. Makes me feel that I haven’t lost touch with an old friend.

  7. Have been missing your writing, but know that you do need a break now and then. I also read all your FB posts. I may not understand some of the more technical ones…but I read them anyway because you never know when you might learn something

  8. Like many others, I was also worried about your dad…and YOU! I use FB but follow you pretty much here only. Glad you’re back and glad your dad and you are both okay.

  9. Glad you’re back… Missed reading your blogs… As a tech geek and s photographer, I’ve read every one for the past 5 years… Keep up the great work!

  10. Since I totally ignore Facebook, the place I see you is on your blog. I don’t insist you post everyday, but please do consider that not all of us have the patience for Facebook, or the interest in the total lack of personal security in that direction…or interested in the stuff that mostly appears on Facebook. (‘Drivel’ is not the best word, but it’ll do for now)

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