My Dad Just Called At 2:30 AM His Time

He told me about his doctor visit. His 90 year old heart is now considered very strong! He’s being graded on the curve. Still.

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Severe weather in Nebraska tonight. I spent the evening at my desk monitoring radar and conditions with an assist from Helaine. Second day in a row. Nebraska weather doesn’t kid around.

It was enough to keep me busy, but not what could be considered a weather emergency. Remember, Nebraska sees a lot more of this than most places. Near the threshold, not over.

Anyway, in the midst of all this tumult my father called.

“I haven’t spoken to you for a few days. I get worried.”

My heart melted a little.

I quickly brought him up-to-speed on my weather work. Before saying goodnight I asked him to call me if he woke in the middle of the night. Judging by Facebook ‘likes’ that’s most nights.

He just called — 2:30 CDT, half past midnight here. We spoke for six or seven minutes. He told me about his doctor visit. His 90 year old heart is now considered very strong! Ye, he’s being graded on the curve. Still.

Mostly he talked about his great grandchildren. He saw them Mother’s Day. He’s got three now. A fourth joins the group this month. He says sitting around and watching the kids play brings him a great deal of joy.

Other than that he’s been walking. LaTonya accompanies him around the complex. He’s great until he sits down. That’s when he feels tired.

LaTonya’s daughter visited tonight. She’s training to be a chef. A quick look at the refrigerator and shrimp and pasta in cream sauce appeared.

Maybe I should take back the earlier heart comment. In his and the cream sauce’s defense, he said it was really good.

“I finished my plate which doesn’t happen too often.”

By now he was getting tired. We wrapped up the call.

There’s this phrases my dad says before hanging up. I’m not sure he even thinks about it. He doesn’t say it every time, but often. He said it tonight.

“Bye bye babes.”

6 thoughts on “My Dad Just Called At 2:30 AM His Time”

  1. Hope this great gentleman knows just how many people care about him and
    look forward to hearing from and about him through you.

  2. You’re so lucky to still have your wonderful dad. Especially being as active and lucid as he is!
    My dad passed away from cancer at 60 years old, and I would give anything to get a late night call….or any call.

  3. Cherish the moments, as they come. At least he is able to understand about what your job entails, and is able to follow through with your suggestion. And cherish his little phrases–as I know you do, or you wouldn’t be sharing them with us the way you do—thanks for keeping us up to date.
    I did wondered if those tornadoes and other weather incidents that were occurring even up to Nebraska were within your now extended areas of broadcast. We, here in the Northeast have finally gotten a taste of Spring–temperature wise.

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