Soap And The Philly Poker Game

chuck_bobI was thinking back to Philly, back when I learned to play poker. Only play, not win.

I was in this very cool weekly game. Seriously, this game and the fun we had are among my fondest memories.

We’d get there and whomever was the host that night would put out a spread. We’d all sit around and eat and watch Soap. Then we played cards.

Soap was great. Over-the-top characters. Ensemble cast. We laughed a lot to stuff like this.

2 thoughts on “Soap And The Philly Poker Game”

  1. Whatever happened to comedy like that. When did everything have to become Real. Now we get over 100 channels and unless you are into the particular sports play offs, there isn’t anything decent and clean like those silly programs of old. Kind of tells my age,I guess. But it did make me ‘giggle’!

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