The Fruit (Singular) Of My Labor

my plum

Our tiny patio is loaded with life. I like tending to plants. The fact that pots now surround plants growing from the ground attests to our overabundance.

Growing in the very corner of the patio is a plum tree. I like to keep it around seven feet tall, but it’s been a while.

This year the tree produced a plum.

plum in hand

Here’s the amazing thing — It’s perfect. Well, perfect from the outside. My ‘orchard’ has had minimal contact with pesticides. The inside might be different.

split plum

Perfect. Holy crap!

And it tastes amazing. Sweet, yet simultaneously tart, it was juicy with firm fruit.

floyd frog

Now I have to wait another year!

2 thoughts on “The Fruit (Singular) Of My Labor”

  1. When my aunt and uncle moved to San Diego, they had a plum tree in their back yard. Those plumms were the best I have ever eaten. Looked just like yours; I think the type is “Santa Rosa”… tart and sweet at once.

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