The Revelation (featuring Harold Fox)

I finally gave up on my dad. He only has one eye and it’s not that great.

And then today…

“There’s been a notice on the TV saying


When my Mom and Dad moved to Milwaukee (and while they lived in Florida) they had beautiful widescreen TVs but subscribed to standard definition service on the cable. It drove me nuts. I tried to convince them. They were unshakable.

“It makes no difference,” my mom would say. She said the same about decaf versus regular. Not a credible witness, your honor.

They used to stretch out standard def channels to make them fill the entire screen. As a stretchee I was not a shrinking violet expressing my displeasure.

They never budged.

I finally gave up on my dad. He only has one eye and it’s not that great.

And then today…

“There’s been a notice on the TV saying I was about to lose channels,” he said earlier this afternoon. He asked LaTanya to call. Long story short Time-Warner is converting to all-digital. No more SD.

Last week she hooked up the boxes. She is beyond wonderful.

“I don’t think I could have done it,” he said, then reminded me how long it took his shaky hands to plug in headphones for this call. Headphones are the best thing that ever happened to our conversations.

And then he said, “Geoff, you won’t believe the difference in the picture.”



6 thoughts on “The Revelation (featuring Harold Fox)”

  1. I hear ya, Geoff! Every time I get to a hotel/motel room, I’m adjusting the picture quality and aspect ratio of the room’s TV immediately. A 4:3 picture ratio doesn’t bother me when it’s an older show that was shot that way!

  2. I always watch the HD channels, my husband does not!!!! Makes me nuts!!!!! We are paying for them, why not watch the full screen instead of a border on top and bottom…

  3. Too funny! We spend the first part of our lives not listening to our parents; and then the tables turn and they don’t listen to us as they get older! LOL Hopefully he can enjoy his favorite shows in a whole new light now 🙂 Best to you all!

  4. Yep, we frustrated our parents and then they frustrate us. My late mother was notorious for this. I had already been a Professional Dog Groomer for a few years when we acquired a Bearded Collie – who I groomed of course. However, one evening while my boyfriend -who owned a BEAGLE – was visiting and my mother asked HIM what would be the best way to brush the Beardie!! Poor guy was in a tough spot as he could see the smoke coming out of my ears but didn’t want to insult my mother either. Still, he ending up saying “You know, I’m sure your daughter knows best.” My mother just huffed. She never took credence from her daughters. How could we possibly know anything?

  5. Reminds me of the discussion I had with my dear mom about a simple adjustment on her TV she refused to let me make….

    Me, the guy with three technical degrees and years and years of experience in TV, video systems, and computers, was obviously too stupid to touch her precious maladjusted TV.

    I simply refuse to get into those discussions ever again with her…not worth it.

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