Not So Good News about Me

I’m undergoing surgery September 8th. It’s a very complex operation called a Whipple procedure. Portions of my stomach, intestines, bile duct, gallbladder and pancreas will be cut away, then the pieces reattached.

(Since this entry was published many dates have changed and new roadblocks and procedures added. This entry provides a contemporaneous view of my situation.)

I’ve been pretty quiet recently and thought you should know why. A few months of indigestion brought me to my doctor’s office. Standard tests were performed which revealed masses in my kidney and pancreas.

Originally a biopsy showed both masses benign. My oncologist wasn’t satisfied. Something didn’t look right in my pancreas.

This time an ultrasound probe with camera was inserted down my throat to peer at my digestive system. The probe contained a small tube allowing doctors to insert a tiny needle and grab some tissue from the mass.

The results weren’t good.

At the moment the cancer in my pancreas is contained within the mass. It doesn’t look like it’s spread. These are good signs, but pancreatic cancer is relentless and long term survival isn’t common.

I’m undergoing surgery September 8th. It’s a very complex operation called a Whipple procedure. Portions of my stomach, intestines, bile duct, gallbladder and pancreas will be cut away, then the pieces reattached.

All of this is done in one of the body’s most complex areas. Organs overlap. Blood vessels and ducts vary in location from patient-to-patient. I’ve seen it called ‘taxing’ on the surgical team.

I’ll spend another seven or eight days in the hospital plus a week taking it easy at home. I’m already down 30 pounds and will probably lose another 15 or so.

It’s possible my surgery will deliver a cure. That, of course, is our hope. Many of my factors line up with a best case scenario. More likely the Whipple will just be life extension, hopefully adding years to my life. I’m good with that too.

The weird part is I feel great. I’m otherwise healthy. And who wouldn’t look better down 30 pounds!

Helaine, is at my side. Our daughter, Stefanie, too. My sister and brother-in-law are coming in from Milwaukee. I’ve got my support system.

My surgeon seems directly out of central casting. He is steady, confident and experienced. This kind of surgery begs for experienced hands.

After surgery I’ll probably need chemo and/or radiation. That will slow me down, but shouldn’t stop me. We can all laugh when I go bald.

The past winter, my 90 year old dad had five surgeries over two months. He even had a new valve inserted in his heart. At ninety that’s a lot of work, but they fixed him! He is my inspiration.

His goal in life is to attend his great grandson Judah’s bar mitzvah in around seven years. I told him I’d buy him a drink.

The road ahead is scary. But it is what it is and I’m not ready to give up.

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  1. Be strong Geoff. Sounds like an involved procedure. As you said, hopefully the bad stuff is fully contained within the tumor.

  2. Dear Geoff,

    I know of the disease and the procedure. I wish you all the best and pray the Whipple Procedure will give you a new lease on life cancer free. You truly deserve that!


    1. Cindy, I pray you are right, and our beloved Geoff will have more time to make all of us happy with his presence. My dad was very sick, years ago, and told Geoff all about planting beef steak tomatoes. Geoff came to see my father in New Haven at the hospital…all of us were delighted he would do that for a man he barely knew. My dad had a very bad stroke, and was never right after that, but he never forgot about Geoff coming to see him, per my sister Nancy’s request. God Bless this caring man, the one with large hands to match his heart. He was in our living room every night letting us know the weather.

  3. Geoff,

    I am a two-time breast cancer survivor….and I’m still here.

    Blessings to you and your family. Do what your doc says, have faith and you will get through.


  4. From Danbury, ct you are st
    ill missed as the best in your field..i sure learned a lot about you about weather. my prayers gp out to you and your family for a speedy and lasting have been loved by many of us who have followed you,,keep us informed. Cathie DiBuono

  5. You have the right attitude – mindset is everything going into a surgery and treatments like this! We all will be thinking of you and always remember your support system expands all the way back to CT!

  6. Hugs and prayers…..your Dad is a great inspiration for you….will be thinking of you and you family/support group. Not the news I would have thought I would hear today….life is good every day in every way….

  7. Geoff, Stacey and I will be pulling for you on Thursday with lots of love. We wish you much more than just life extension.

  8. Praying for a full recovery Geoff – cannot imagine the angst, but know there are lots of folks who are hoping and praying for the best possible outcome.

  9. You have many friends in CT – we’re all pulling for you and hoping for the best possible outcome. I’m glad your family will be close by – I’m sure Doppler will do her part too. You’re in good hands (and paws).

  10. No need to throw in the towel! It’s amazing what they can do with modern technology today! Keep your chin up and your spirits high! And remember the power of prayer!
    We will certainly keep you in our prayers!

  11. My niece had cancer in her pancreas she was 37 at the time she is 40 and still in the clear. We will be keeping you in our prayers. Thank you for letting us know. We all your friends and fans care. I hope you won’t mind but I am going to ask my prayer group to keep you in their prays. I believe in prayer. I believe in miracles too. I will also keep your family in my prayers. Please keep us updated when you can.

  12. No need to throw in the towel! It’s amazing what they can do with modern technology today! Keep your chin up and your spirits high! And remember the power of prayer!
    We will certainly keep you in our prayers! You have the right mindset. Wishing you a successful surgery and speedy recovery!

  13. Geoff!

    Sorry to hear what you are going through…I know keeping things positive will get your through the rough spots…hang in there…sending you all the positive vibes I can to you and your family. A friend of mine’s mom had that whipple procedure done last year too..I thought it sounded far so good with her…xox

  14. Geoffrey
    I am do sorry to hear this. My husband was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer in Feb 2013. Since it was stage IV he was never a candidate for surgery. He did however respond to chemo at Smilow Cancer Hospital in New Haven. He passes away May 11, 2016. That was 3 years 3 months after being diagnosed. God be with you before, during and after surgery.

  15. Sending prayers for you and your family. Also prayers for your surgeon’s steady hands. Get some finer lollipops for chemo queasiness they really helped my husband.
    You’ve got the positive attitude. Take it one day at a time and find some joy in each day!!

  16. Oh Geoff, I know exactly what you’re going through. My husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May but his migrated to the liver as well. He is not a candidate for surgery. He opted to go through alternative protocols and, so far, he’s doing well. I wish you much success with your surgery, an easy period of recovery and a long and healthy life going forward. The website I included is my blog with it’s latest entry. Coincidentally, it has everything to do with your journey and my husband’s. I hope you find it relevant. I’d like to know what you think. I will be thinking of you on September 8th and hoping that all goes extremely well and that your results will give us all a reason to celebrate on this page.

  17. Geoff,I am praying for you and your family,and will be throughout your procedure.It’s so odd.I was thinking of you tonight.Tropical storm,now hurricane,is due to make landfall,between now to 2am,somewhere around Panama City,Fl.Fox chief meteorologist Mike Buresh,reminds me of you.He loves his job.Well Geoff,wejust got a code red phone call,so have cut this short.Take care and God bless you.I will be praying.Sincerely,Linda

  18. Wishing you the best possible outcome: full remission and a strong, quick recovery. You have supporters and’fans’across the country,literally, and we all send out prayers and good vibes to you. Your Dad has set a great example of what strong will and determination can achieve and overcome. Godspeed, Geoff.

  19. Geoff so sorry to hear this news. But glad your Drs looked further. I know it’s a scary time but positive thoughts are crucial I’ve known a few people who have had this procedure and have done very well for many years. You stay strong your family is there but know that’s not your only support system you have many friends here in CT and in other areas too you will certainly be in my prayers and I’m sure theirs too. It will be ok you are a good person a strong person you have your dads genes you will over come this. Please keep us posted there are a lot of folks praying for you.

  20. Please know that positive thoughts and prayers are heading your way. You have such a loving family…..and an adoring public from coast to coast….plus you definitely come from strong genes!
    Just remember that you have more support than you can ever possibly imagine, so if love is a cure, you’ve got this beat❣
    Be well my friend.

  21. Wishing you the best possible outcome: full remission and a strong and speedy recovery. You have supporters and ‘fans’ all across the country, literally. All of us are sending prayers and good vibes to you…both for your surgery on the 8th, and for your recovery process. Godspeed, Geoff!

  22. So sorry to hear about what you are going through, Geoff. I will keep you in my prayers. Wishing you the very best outcome with the surgery and recovery.

  23. Sending you good energy. I witnessed a legit miracle earlier this year when a friend with a very rare cancer was set to enter Hospice, and tried a new immunotherapy treatment and is now back to living her full, active life. The lesson there was to always advocate for yourself and keep a good attitude. I hope all turns out to be well.

    1. So sorry to hear this news Geoff. We are praying and sending positive thoughts here in Connecticut. You come from good stock and I have no doubt that you will be a fighter just like your dad. Look toward the future, keep making lots of plans and have faith. You’ve been here for all your fans over the years, now let us give back to you with our prayers and caring thoughts. Never underestimate the power of prayer, you have lots if them coming your way!

  24. Geoff: Oh My, I was just talking about you today and had no idea. When is your surgery and can I come visit you when you are recovering? Please see the pancreatic cancer section on and be sure to be in touch with in LA. They are terrific. Also, there is a woman here in Carlsbad who had the same surgery not long ago, Ann. I have spoken with her and I bet she would speak with you! All the best Geoff and let me know how I can help!
    Andrew Schorr

  25. Geoff, can’t believe what I’m reading. I wish you the very best. Good luck with your surgery and your recovery. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers on the 8th and beyond. I know there will be so many people cheering for you. You will feel the energy from the circle of friends all around you.

  26. Ah, Geoff, I am upset to read this news. Hang in there! You have so many caring fans in addition to your family and friends. I believe all those prayers and positive thoughts will make an impact. You will be in my prayers and thoughts. Godspeed. I will include Helaine, Stephanie and your Dad in my prayers. They are a big part of this too.

  27. I don’t know you, but your attitude is inspiring. I am a 3x cancer survivor so I know how important it is to keep a positive outlook. Yet still you are inspiring.I will remember you and your support team in my personal prayers.Best wishes

  28. Geoff,
    I was concerned that we weren’t hearing from you these past couple of months, but then you got a few items posted. Pancreatic Ca is the diagnosis of our day. So much more is being done with both Ca treatment , and diagnostics. You have good genes, and strong family support. I am familiar with the procedure you are having –its been around for a long time. It sounds like you have a good and gifted MD, and that is half the battle. You will be added to my prayer chain.
    Even with all of your tech knowledge, and new computers, you may not be able to blog that often. Please teach Helene how to enter stuff on this blog, so we can follow your progress.
    Remembering what you put her through when you had the back problem here in CT. she is going to have her hands full. Wine and dine her well, this weekend. My prayers are with each of you. God Bless—

  29. Geoff,
    You know that there is a lot more family out here that love you,Helaine,Steph, Dad,Trudi, Jeff and all the kinderlach. We, here on Lawn Guyland are thinking of you all and our thoughts and prayers are with you all, for an easy surgery and recovery. Also, it should be quick. God Bless.
    sherm and Zelda, Tracy and Rob with Joshua and Emma, Robyn with Adisyn and Jordyn, Mark and Lisa with Michael and Dani.

  30. Oh Geoff, my heart is breaking for you. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. However, I grateful you are not alone. I will pray that all goes well with your surguery, and I know you will get us up to speed when you are feeling like it. You are a strong man, like your Dad. I have faith in the surgeons you chose. Keep that positive attitude. We are all praying for you.

  31. I’m so sorry to hear this news! You have been popping up in my Facebook memories about Hurricane Irene – even from the west coast you were the person I trusted!
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and Helene and Stephanie now, on the 8th and beyond.

  32. I wish you nothing but good luck. You are one of the lucky ones, found soon enough to fight it! BEST WISHES.. speedy recovery and all good news.
    Prayers going out for you.

  33. Geoff! Trust in your doctors– they have new and amazing techniques along with new and improved chemo. and remember–it’s all about attitude! You have a strong family base to help you and a few thousand of us, your loyal friends. We all love you very much and will pray for you. Keep us posted. ((((((Hugs))))) hug Helaine for me too. Just made her pecan bars last week!! Love, Evi

  34. Scot, I just wanted to say best of luck to,you. My aunt had the very same procedure, probably when it was first developed over 15-20 years ago ..and she is still alive..and doing well..physically…I will keep you in my prayers and wishing you the best..please keep us in CT updated..we miss you.

  35. So very sad to hear of this. But, the good news is that you are a candidate for the Whipple procedure. Like everyone, I will say prayers for you for the best possible outcome.

  36. Tough news Geoff but it sounds like you have a great doctor and the right attitude. You’re in my prayers. I, too, fully expect you to be at that bar mitzvah with your dad.

  37. Geoff you will get through this. I have a good friend who went through the same procedure at Ysle 2 years ago. Recovery was a little rocky. He had his ups and downs. Same with any surgery but the whipple is very invasive. He also has chemo after he was healing from the surgery. He also lost a lot of weight. Today he is doing wonderful. Your a strong person you will get through this with the love of your family.

  38. Wishing you great success with your surgery. Hang in there, be strong. Positive attitude and you’ll be fine. Thinking of you.

  39. Geoff- so sorry to hear this. You are in the hearts, thoughts, and prayers of many fans/friends back here in CT as well as across the country. Your attitude is half the battle. Best of luck with your surgery. Lean on family and friends as you go through this. We will continue to keep positive vibes heading your way

  40. Geoff-I am a 29 year survivor. In short, stage 3 breast cancer, 20% chance surviving & with surgery and six months chemo I am telling you my story so have faith in your doctors and in yourself that you are as strong as your dad. You can do it! You have face enough adversity, you can do this to my friend.
    Prayers from Connecticut!

  41. Geoff, you were ALWAYS my very favorite along with Dr. Mel. I’ll alway remember the day you; in MY estimation, made your bones in the industry with your ultra excellent coverage of Hurricane Gloria coverage in 1985. I knew then that you’re the best of the best. Assuredly, my prayers for your complete recovery are guaranteed. Geoff, I’m a cancer survivor (radical prostate removal in 2001at the West Haven VA). To me, you’re a national treasure and; Geoff, you’re going to beat this. God bless you and your family.

  42. Best wishes for a complete recovery Geoff,I will be praying for you from Hornell,NY(my home sinc 2011 when I move from Ct)I miss the old days of watching you on WTNH and seeing you around New Haven when I worked for the VNA on State street…Stay strong and positive

  43. Geoff, I am shocked to hear of your recent diagnosis, but am glad that your doctor was persistent in finding the cause. Medicine had come SOOOOO far in dealing with pancreatic cancer, even in just the last ten years. Please keep us abreast of how you are doing. We wish you, and your family all the best.

  44. Geoff, we’ll be praying for you to make a full recovery.
    Things have come a long way in cancer treatment.

    All our love to Helaine and Steph.

  45. You’re in my thoughts, brother…..your friends will be with all along the way. I have no doubt that you’ll be around to deliver my eulogy…..and I plan to be around for quite a while. Hang tough and know you have a LOT of support and love!

  46. My thoughts and prayers are with you through this. My boyfriend is currently going through the same exact thing with a pancreatic mass. His biopsy came back inconclusive. It is very scary and I’m so happy you have your family there with you. They will be your best asset while fighting this. I will add you and your family to my prayers at night. It will surly be a fight with lots of progress and set backs as we face the same. You can do it and your support system will fight with you!!! You are not alone in this all of us who loved you from CT will be right behind you!!! Best of luck and please keep us posted. We are all pulling for you.

  47. Geoff, Heard about all that you’re dealing with via all the radio friends of WPLR and
    It’s pretty obvious that a LOT of people care about you and want to see you come out of this trial with bells on. My best thoughts are sent your way. Will await hearing better news soon. Oh, as far as any concern about losing hair, remember that God only created so many perfect skulls. The rest he covered with hair!
    Keeping you in my thoughts,
    Bruce Manke

  48. Geoff so sorry to hear your news. Sounds like you are in good hands, remain positive, will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  49. Keeping positive will help you get through this – my prayers to you and your family – will be thinking of you on day of your surgery!

  50. Geoff, I was wondering yesterday why you weren’t posting info on all the hurricanes this week. You are usually like a kid in a candy store with storms. Keeping you in my prayers. You can do this! 🙂

  51. Dear Geoff, So sorry to hear this news. I am praying for you. I just received news that my cancer is back for the third time. Chemo starts next week. Do what the doctors tell you to do. Stay positive and don’t lose hope. You got this!

  52. Prayers for your doctor’s steady hand and your speedy recovery and long life ahead. We all will be waiting to hear good news.

  53. Positive attitude is everything. You will get through this difficult time and kick Cancer’s a–! Hoping for a quick recovery and sending positive thoughts your way.

  54. Praying for steady hands for the doctors and peaceful heart for you and your wife. God’a got this under control. Take it easy and rest when you are suppposed to. 🙂

  55. Geoff
    Best wishes to you and yours. My Dad had this procedure (he was much older than you) and got an extra 15 years. The weather Gods are bringing you a hurricane to monitor and keep yourself busy! Prayers and best wishes for the best meteorologist ever!

  56. I just Googled this procedure. It is a doozy of a procedure, and I am glad you have excellent doctors doing it. I know you have all of New Haven and Hamden and the whole state sending strong positive thoughts and prayers, a lot of them from my house! I am glad you have your support system of family, This message increased that support system by several thousand! We love you.

  57. So sorry to hear this news Geoff. I will be praying for you and your family. You brought lightheartedness and laughter into our home every evening. Thank you and God Bless.

  58. Hey Geoff, I talked to Harold K the other day and he said there had been a change since I talked to you I think of calling you but that’s usually about noon our time, and I know that’s a No-No. By 5 or 6 I’m into something and I put it in the back of my mind for later and then it doesn;t happen,Sorry.

    I’m very sorry that this has happened to you. I know I have no control over it, but all I can do is Hope and Pray that you get to see Your Grandson or Granddaughter get married. Keep up the good Fight and I want to see a picture of you with no hair.

    Big John

  59. Geoff, I was diagnosed with breast cancer June 1st and had surgery in July. My prognosis isn’t the best, but I’m not giving up because each person is different. You have many people pulling for you and you will beat this.

  60. Geoff, I’m sorry to hear of your heath issues and you are in my thoughts. If I know you, you will fight through this and be back on your feet in no time at all.

    -73- Al N1API

  61. Geoff, sounds like it was caught on the early side, which is not usually the case with this type of cancer. I hope this means they’ll be able to treat it and you’ll have a smooth recovery. My thoughts are with you and your family. You come from good genes (your dad). We’re all thinking of you and sending good energy your way.

  62. Geoff,

    I wish you well. Stay strong. Thoughts are with you and your family. Look forward to all your future posts on how well it went and that you are doing great.

    From one of you many, many CT fans!

  63. Praying for you Geoff! I’ve been a fan since I lived in West Woods as a child in the early 90s. You and Dr. Mel taught me so much and I always looked forward to watching you both. Sending love from Boston.

  64. Geoff,
    I just saw this on Dudchik’s site. Terribly sorry to read of your trouble. I had an initial bad melanoma diagnosis some years ago. I got lucky, but I felt like a sword hanging over my head for some time. I wish you good luck and peace.

  65. Geoff, Hang in there, I have survived 2 cancers (Breast and melanoma).It can seem pretty bleak, but as you know, attitude is everything. I wish you the best.

  66. Wishing you strength for the days ahead, Geoff. You held my infant son almost 18 years ago at Sergio’s Restaurant in Hamden. You told me you loved to hold babies. Somewhere I have a photo of you holding my Kyle. You’re the only celebrity that he’s come in contact with. 🙂

  67. Praying for you Geoff & hoping the surgery does the trick! I know of people who have done it. I wish you well & peace on this new journey you are on, I understand too well
    I hope your support team rocks that purple in your honor!

  68. Dear Geoff,

    I have been a fan of yours for years. First on WTNH–channel 8 and then on Fox 61 News here in CT. I always loved your sharing your love of science and meteorology. I am sorry to hear the news about your health. I wish you all the best in your fight against it. Good thing your doctor took a second look. Praying for the best outcome.

    Best of luck–miss your broadcasts.

    Sue from CT

  69. Good luck Geoff, prayers coming your way from a current cancer patient at Smilow. Hang in there and keep a positive attitude. Do what is good for you, don’t worry about others, your the one that’s ill. Whenever i get depressed I walk around Smilow and see the kids there. Kicks me right back into how lucky I am NOT to be going through this at 5 years old….Have to be thankful for some things!

  70. Hi Geoff,
    Looks like you have tons of love and support! We’ll will be thinking about you on the 8th and hoping for a very successful surgery. <3

  71. From CT: You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Stay Strong. I hope you still have Doppler to snuggle with on the tough days.

  72. Keeping you in prayer and wishing you the very best.
    Stay strong and kick cancer’s ass! You can do this!
    All the strength and best to your loved ones as well <3

  73. Will pray for you everyday until I see a post all is going well. There is a lot of power in group prayers by what I read here, you are covered. You seem to have the best in this field and a positive attitude which means a lot.
    You are a caring person and thank you for your picture autograph to my Mom who is long gone now. Her smile lit up the room when we gave it to her. She really loved you and it meant so much to her.
    Thank You again and wishing you the best.

  74. If you go to Dr Brenner like the rest of Channel 8 does youre in great hands. Yale Smilow is the best around here too. Were very lucky to be this close. Maybe they have clinical trials and/or stem cell treatment they can use too with the positive signs you have goinv in your favor.. Wishing you well tatele.

  75. Geoff,
    Best wishes!! I had a pancreatic tumor in 2008 called a “Somastatinoma” a non functioning endocrin tumor and had gall bladder, spleen, 40% of my pancreas and the tumor removed at St Vincents in CT. All the best.
    By the way, the weather teams here in CT never compare to your 30+ years.

  76. My grandfather was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer when I was 14. The doctors gave him 8-12 months to live. They tried to do the Whipple Procedure on him, but it had spread too much. The next step was chemo….two different types of it over about a year. He lived 19 months, then just after Christmas (literally-Christmas, then four days later) 2002, he was gone.

    It sounds like yours was caught in the very early stages and you’ll get through it.

    All the best!

  77. Hi Geoff, another fan in Danbury! This is so bizarre. I actually had a really nice dream about you last night, don’t remember all the details but lots of us were in California somewhere gorgeous! I woke up with really good vibes. then I read your blog and freaked out! As everyone has been saying, stay positive , it is so important. You sound like you are in great hands with the doctor and your support group. that’s the important part. the rest is up to you. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I am taking the nice dream as a good sign 🙂

  78. geoff…just want you to know that i have a friend, in her late 70s who had the whipple and is a pancreatic cancer survivor. i think it helps if you can trust your docs and the plan they have put together and know that others have survived. i like the “self contained” and that you will have the surgery so soon…they get it out and it’s gone!!! i will be praying for you…i do believe, “with God, all things are possible” hope you believe that too!!!

  79. Jeff – thinking of you with prayer and wishing you strength. I will say your name in shul and wish for Refuah Sheleimah for you. You are a strong man and will endure!! Good luck with your journey – you got this!!! xo

  80. Dear Geoff prayers to you and your family to get through this…I have a friend who had whipple 7years ago and is doing fine now. There were some rough times but hope you have the same results….his was found early too so that is a plus. Best to you from CT. Miss you!

  81. Will be thinking of you every day over this difficult time. You are in good hands and early diagnosis is very encouraging. A lot of strides recently made in pancreatic cancer treatment so hopeful positive attitude is definitely in order here!

  82. Dear Geoff,
    You are a fighter and in excellent medical care. The fact that it is contained in the pancreas is very good news. I’m so glad you have family support, as well. You are very highly thought of professionally and as a person. Best best best wishes from Connecticut!!!

  83. Dear Geoff,
    I wish you luck on fight against this.
    I had a mass on my pancreas discovered by accident, I am still in recovery from surgery. Though I did not have a whipple, I did have part of my pancreas snd my spleen removed. The mass was contained, though malignant inside it was benign outside of the mass. I’m not sure I’ll require chemo at this point.
    The good news is yours is contained.
    Best of luck!
    Prayers are with you!

  84. I’ve enjoyed your posts and have always learned something new and been enlightened by you. I’ll have a good thought for you and your family and hope for your recovery…

  85. From Atlanta (formerly Ct) praying for the best possible outcome for you. So glad you have a loving and supportive family to help you through thus difficult time. Please know many of us are out there and pulling for you….

  86. awww hugs to you and your family. tough deal Geoff but you have a great outlook and a beautiful and supportive family. You will be in our thoughts and prayers . God Bless, and a hug to Doppler too she must sense things too. Love you man.
    Fran and Angelo Mazzeo

  87. So sorry to hear this news. If anyone can beat it, you can. You are always so positive and upbeat. I really miss that here in Ct.
    Keeping you in my prayers. Stay strong and kick cancers butt.

  88. Geoff- sending prayers out to you – I remember you from WTNH- lived in CT most of my life and you were the coolest weather guy! I happened to see the news on Facebook, my aunt posted it. I myself am a sinus cancer survivor, will keep you in Prayer, welcome to the Survivor Club. It’s one you don’t ask to join but when you become a member you are one for life and take great pride that you are.

    1. Dearest Geoff,
      1st we miss you so much here in Connecticut & being on the News 8 here you were our #1 weatherman….
      I will be praying and thinking of you. threw this difficult time, God will be with you to guide your doctors for a successfully and difficult operation

  89. Geoff,

    I’m very sorry to hear this. You know that I’m not at all religious, so let me just say that my thoughts are truly with you and that I’m hoping for the best outcome possible here.

  90. Speedy recovery! If you have Dr Salem you are in the best hands… He operated on my husband.. His staff is terrific as well

  91. Jeff, I am praying for you I know you can beat this-do what the drs say and see a holistic or natureopathic dr. Boost your immune system. I worked with a girl and her dad had the wipple done 8years ago and he is still fine. Your positive mind set and healthy diet with vitamins will help you beat this, of course along with your doctors expertise.
    Love you and am praying hard for you. Please keep us posted and we will all be with you during your journey. HUGS!

  92. Geoff…
    I was upset by the news but it is encouraging that you have a good attitude and a skilled surgeon. I know someone whose had the Whipple procedure but I don’t know details. You can call the American Cancer Society for information if you need more of that sort of thing. They have a wealth of booklets on different cancers. Their phone number is 800-227-2335.
    I will keep you in my prayers. As you may recall from my posts…I had male breast cancer and now have early stage prostate cancer. Keep the faith. Best Always, Bob.

  93. You have been part of my life and living room for so many years. I was so saddened when you left CT. I know how strong you are. Surround yourself with nothing but love, strength and positivity. I wish you nothing but but the best. Make sure you have cuddle time with Doppler. Dogs know when we are sick and they can be a very important part of our recovery. Xoxoxo Kim

  94. Sorry to hear about your health issues…. You got this man; your gunna kick cancers butt! Sending prayers and positive vibes your way. By the way miss fox in fox here in Ct! Good luck with surgery and here’s hoping to a speedy recovery!

  95. Geoff, We so enjoyed your weather forecast and miss seeing you on tv. You’re going to beat this horrible disease. Sending prayers, positive energy and healing thoughts your way.

  96. Best of everything to you, Geoff. The hub and I were very distressed to lose you as our favorite weatherperson but were certain you will still be kicking for long to come. I beat that cancer beast a few years ago and I tell everyone who has it the same words: remember Nancy Reagan, “Just Say NO!”

  97. I don’t know if or where God fits into your life, Geoff, but He’s in mine and I will be praying for you. It’s all I can do BUT it is a vital link to your needs.

    Stay positive, my friend!

  98. Geoff,
    Saying prayers for you from Connecticut. I pray that the surgery is successful and all cancer is removed from your body. Please know that we miss you in CT and hope for nothing but the best.

  99. Geoff,

    I am a 4.5 year survivor of a Whipple for PC myself. My best advice to you is to arm yourself with a surgeon that performs numerous Whipples. Join the FB page Whipple Warriors Surgery Survivors group. You will learn SO much about the procedure and the “new normal” you will experience with your new digestive system. Everyone on that group is so understanding and supportive. Hope to see you at PurpleStride CT next June. Best wishes to you and the skillful hands of your surgeon.

  100. Geoff, My prayer for you is that God will do for you what we all desire but cannot do on our own, your full and lasting recovery. Also be assured that you are not alone. Thank you for sharing this with us and for being part of our household through your programming. Blessings of peace on you, your competent medical providers and your beautiful family. Mary

  101. My wife had the whipple for a cystic tumor in the pancreas bile duct.
    She recovered wonderfully.
    You owe it to yourself to make a conciliation appointment with Dr. Peter Banks at Brigham and women’s hospital in Boston. He is amazing.
    Best of luck, well wishes and a speedy recovery.
    Feel free to contact us with any questions with our experiences with this procedure.

  102. Geoff, I remember you from when I lived in Hamden back in the ’80s! 30 years later I’m watching reports on Hurricane Hermine and am reminded of your coverage of many storms, particularly Hurricane Gloria that hit New Haven. Wishing/hoping the best for you in this difficult time in your life. Just remember, you’re well loved and missed in CT!

  103. Sorry to hear your news Geoff. But you have a great positive attitude,add your faith to that and you have a great strong combination.Along with your family support. Plus all the well wishes and prayers of your friends and fans. So Good Luck with the surgery. And here’s to a speedy recovery and the extension of many many more years with your family ahead of you. I pray for that healing in Jesus’S mighty name AMEN!!!

  104. Geoff, wishing you well from Palm Coast, Fl. I watched you for years when I lived in Milford, Ct. Be strong and stay positive. I’m a very optimistic person and believe you’ve got this. Will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless.

  105. Cancer sucks. If there’s anything positive to say about this it’s that it’s good your doc took a second look. That look may very well have saved your life. Sending you the most positive healing vibes humanly possible.

  106. I wish you the best. As a retired oncology dietitian (from UCONN) my best advice is to make sure you have a knowledgeable dietitian on your team from the start – I can’t say this too strongly. Sending healing vibes.

  107. Geoff,
    Best wishes first on your surgery and second on your recovery. You’re a great guy and hope you can find they’re goth to fight this. Good luck,

    Palm Bay Fl.

  108. Geoff- Don’t go to sleep yet! Stay in the driver’s seat – ask questions, learn about the disease, the medications, the side effects, & the treatments to help you tolerate the meds that can cure you. Tell your people how they can help you. And most of all, protect your Geoffness! Be you!

  109. Geoff
    We have missed you. your weather
    Forecasts were the only ones I believed
    Because you were able to give us straight answers. We are saddened to hear if your fight with cancer but
    It looks like you and in good hands with your surgeon.
    God bless.

  110. Best wishes from Connecticut’s Shoreline! Our positive thoughts and healing prayers are on the way to you. May the love and admiration of friends, family, fans, and followers help support you on this journey. And, thank-you for being such a warm and witty presence in our lives.

  111. Sorry to hear this Geoff! My mother had a Whipple back in 2005 and is going strong at 83 years old. We were shocked to learn that she needed a bigger surgery than just getting her gallbladder out. And, even more shocked to hear that it was indeed pancreatic cancer. She did not require chemo or radiation. 2nd time cancer survivor, beat breast cancer in 1980 ! You can beat it to. Lots of prayers coming from NJ!!!!

  112. Dear Geoff,

    So Sorry To Hear This, Geoff! My HEALING THOUGHTS and PRAYERS Are With YOU and Your FAMILY…Keep Us Updated, When You Feel Up To It…{{{HUGS}}}.

  113. We are all dealt certain cards in this life, its all in the way you play them, be stong, be positive, beat this. Hope your surgery goes well. Positive vibes from Meriden, Ct.

  114. Geoff,

    Your mindset is awesome and that is such a big part of the fight. I have no doubt that you’ll get through this!

    You might want to check into pure, undiluted frankincense essential oil (food grade)
    I know it seems “witch doctor-y”, but the success stories some cancer survivors have had with it are pretty amazing.

    I’ll be sending you the strongest mojo I can muster!

  115. Geoff,

    You are a strong man with a positive attitude, amazing doctors and a great support system to boot! You’ve got all the makings for success.

    I’m praying for you.

    Jennifer Newman

  116. Geoff- I wish you the best of luck with your Whipple Procedure. I’ve taken care of many patients that have had it and it did add many years to there life expectancy. Thoughts and prayers are with you! Shalom!

  117. So if anyone I know has lady luck with him all the time, it is you. All of us will keep a good thought for you. We have no doubt you will be fine.

  118. Please hang in there…I know it will be rough. But NONE of us are letting you go!!!!..You are a part of our past, or our present. And DEFINITELY our future!! Love and best wishes to you and your family!

  119. Wishing you all the best Geoff. Prayers to you on this journey. I think you are a strong person and it sounds like you have an awesome team behind you. God bless.

  120. Susan from CT….Always enjoyed you on Channel 8 for all those years. Sending along positive thoughts, strength and prayers…God bless!

  121. It is all about your team of Drs and there latest knowledge and a great support team. Breast cancer survivor! My thoughts and prayers are with you as you travel this journey.

  122. Since God is for you Geff who can be against you. May He hold you in the palm of His hands and truly guide the surgeon’s hand. Praying for a excellent report about you.God has a purpose and a plan for your life . a plan for good!!

  123. Shit, Geoff, I take two days to reconnect with my Sonoma friends and I come back to this. I’m sure that on one level you want to watch the operation and on another you’re glad you’ll snooze right through it. You’ve built up a lot of great karma over the years and it is my belief that will lead to a happy outcome. Trust the medics and put this behind you.

  124. My grandfather had the “Whipple” surgery in 1988. On September 20th he will be celebrating his 96th birthday. There are success stories out there do not lose faith!

  125. prayers & blessings your way Geoff. Cancer Sucks. Sounds like your Doctors are right on it and have found it early. Prayers that this operation is successful. I know that you will have a big POSITIVE ATTITUDE and will hang in there. Blessings also to your family. Keep us posted.

  126. Hi Geoff,Linda from Milford ct here wishing u all the best..u r in my prayers and I light a candle everyday for people who need it. U R definitely in that group. Love to Helaine and Steph. God Bless You ❤❤

  127. Dear Geoff. I am a stage four cancer survivor. It was a rough road. But I can tell you that prayer and positive thinking plus excellent care from physicians you can beat this. I wasn’t supposed to make it. BUT I DID!!! God bless you on this journey and I will be praying for you. Only the best wishes coming your way. P Casey

  128. Geoff, I am sorry to read about this. I found out on Rachel Frank’s Facebook page. Over many years, while you were in CT, I watched only your weather reports and think of you as an old friend. So, at this time, friend, I wish for you strength, stamina, patience and lots of loving friends and family around you. But most of all I wish for you success and the best possible recovery. <3

  129. Good luck Jeff…my wife talks all the time how she met you rollerblading in Hamden…what a wonderful friendly guy you were and how the two of you discussed the Mercedes…she was very saddened when I read her your blog message…hang in there…many prayers coming your way…be brave…be strong…miss seeing you doing the local weather…

  130. Geoff, I started praying and ring from the moment I knew what you were dealing with. I will continue to pray for you and your family. If you give me pemission I will have you added on to our church prayer chain. God bless you.

  131. You were a part of my daily routine for so many years. I’ve missed your smile on my TV and have wished you well. Now I will pray for your good health and many more years in the sun.

  132. Geoff, I’m so sorry that you and your family have to face this dreadful disease. I too headed to my doctor for indigestion and the chest to back pain that was relentless. I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but unlike you was not a candidate for the Whipple. But the good news is that things have a way of working out if you have faith in yourself (positive attitude), faith in your team of doctors, faith in your God. It has been 3 years since I started my journey. The good news is that I am now cancer free. I want this for you. I want to see you next year at the TPC 18 Hole Stroll – standing with other survivors! Standing with me. God bless you Geoff. Know that you will be in my prayers .

  133. Geoff
    I join the hundreds in linking arms around you as you face this surgery. You will be in our thoughts and prayers on the 8th and in the recovery weeks to follow. Mike

  134. Hi Geoff! Doctors who are capable of performing the Whipple surgery are true masters at their craft. A dear friend of mine had the Whipple surgery years ago, and is in great shape. My mother had the Whipple three years ago, and is still alive and kicking. There is a support group on Facebook as well. I’ll try to find the name of it. Keep your attitude positive and keep your sense of humor. Both are helpful in your recovery. All my best to you.

  135. My thoughts and prayers go out to you Geoff and your family at this difficult time keep positive there are a lot of people praying for your full recovery god bless you

  136. You’ll probably get lots of good advice from well meaning people. Do a lot of research. Read about essiac tea – that is my advice. My cousin lived in California and had the Whipple procedure. She did not follow up with chemo or radiation and lived a great life for another 8 years. Best to you!

    1. I know you have a fight ahead of you, but you also have the right, fighting attitude. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you as you have your Whipple. Good luck and God Bless!

  137. Hi Geoff:
    I am rooting for you from New Haven, CT. Sure do miss you. I’ll be thinking of you especially on Sept. 8th. Take heart that so many people are behind you. I watched you everyday since 1984. One day at a time: each day finding the good things that will heal your spirit through this journey. God Bless.

  138. Hi Geoff, just quick note to wish you good luck on your upcoming surgery. I had this exact surgery done 4 months ago. I am doing great. I still have some healing to do. Mine was not cancerous so I was lucky. I had mine done at St Francis hospital in Hartford, by an excellent surgeon.

  139. Hello from Niantic, CT.
    We have missed you since you left Channel 8 and now to hear this news of very trying times for you is not welcome at all. My wife Brenda and I watched you for the whole 25 or so years here and always liked your weather reports, especially during storms. We hope you weather this storm that has come into your life and make a full recovery. Hang in there. A lot of people have you on their minds.

  140. Geoff,

    This is like Deja vu all over again, or Groundhog Day or whatever term you use for life repeating itself.

    Just a week ago I read very similar words from a close friend and coworker. He had been having abdominal pain for five days while on vacation and planned to see his doctor on his return home. But on the last day there was a discoloration in his urine and he went to the hospital on the way home. A few tests later and pancreatic cancer was the diagnosis.

    His cancer also appears contained at this time and the Whipple procedure is high on his treatment agenda.

    Please know that as you go through this, you are not alone. There are others fighting this same fight with you.

    And the only way to win is to believe that you can and dedicate yourself to the effort. As my friend said in announcing his leave of absence, “This is my new job.”

    I wish you success in your new job.

  141. My mother in law ovarian cancer..about a 7% survival rate, that was 17 years ago and sje neat the crap out of cancer…..and so can you.

  142. Geoff,
    I’m sorry to read about your diagnosis. As a 3 1/2 Survivor this disease I can tell you your attitude is right on point for what you need to do. I had the Whipple procedure after 3 rounds of chemo and 5 weeks of radiation and I’ll say there’s been no signs of cancer since then. You don’t say what stage you were diagnosed at so I’m going to assume it’s stage 2 something I was stage 2B just keep the attitude and you’ll do fine. Someone also mentioned getting in touch with the pancreatic cancer Action Network based out of Los Angeles that’s an excellent idea they also have a database called Know Your tumor that would be great if your surgeon submitted biopsy. What is a database of all pancreatic tumors where they can use it for research down the line based on treatment and success and or failures. Just know that you are not alone in this fight there are many of us still out here and our survival rate has increased from 5% after 5 years to 8% after five years in the three years I’ve been a Survivor and we plan on doubling that survival rate by 2020, so keep your positive attitude because that is most of this battle especially when it’s caught before it is metastasized. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.

    1. You do NOT need chemotherapy. Please read
      Up on The Truth About Cancer before getting
      Any chemo or radiation. I wish you all the best !!

      1. Geoff
        Thinking of you on this milestone day and hoping like heck you came through with flying colors. Let us all know how you did today.

  143. Hi Geoff,

    We watched you many times on New Haven TV when we used to live in West Haven over 25 years ago, and I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Prayers for you for a successful recovery, and for your continuing treatments.


  144. Just learned of your illness from a friend’s FB post – Today one more person is added to the many who are praying for you- Sending prayers for miraculous healing and strength to endure all that your healing process entails.

  145. Was just thinking about Tech recently, and found your blog…
    Sorry to hear about your health issues, but extremely glad with the success you’ve had!

    Keep the faith and maybe we’ll catch you at the 50th Tech reunion!?

    Rob, N2FC (ex WB2SLW/WN2SLW)

  146. All the best to you. Sorry to hear about your illness. I am a long time fan from Hamden Ct. Your recovery is in my thoughts and prayers. Sure do miss you in Connecticut!!

  147. Dear Geoff,
    I used to plow snow for the DOT in Harford from 1984 until 2004. Every snowstorm I would listen to your forecast as opposed to the station that I was supposed to listen to because yours was always more accurate! thank you so much for the way you shared your new stories and you’re funny attitude and most of all you were always so thoughtful & appropriate! I love you man.
    I am sorry to hear about your current state of health hang in there and keep the faith! I will keep you and your family in my prayers and no matter what remember God loves you! Have faith in Him…pay no attention to luck.

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