They Shoot Insulin, Don’t They?


My pancreas is a mess. There’s a cancerous mass in its head. It’s begun to do a poor job of parceling out insulin. At 5′ 9″ and 170 pounds I find myself with Type 2 diabetes.

When first tested my blood hemoglobin level was over 400. It should be in the 90s. To the ER. Stat!

That night my blood sugar was stabilized with insulin. I already had IVs in both hands. What’s another liquid in the flow?

After seeing an endocrinologist, insulin has been prescribed on a daily basis. Depending on my eating schedule I dose myself three or four times a day. I punch my belly and inject within a few inches of my navel.

When most people hear about my insulin injections and daily lancet poking they cringe. No one is a bigger pussy than me. It seriously doesn’t hurt! Not even a little.


Insulin injections have been mechanized and simplified so much you have to go out of your way to screw it up!

Unlike a flu shot or other intramuscular injection this only has to break the skin. I use #30 needles — tiny as they get. Having to do this the rest of my life would be no big deal… no worse than swallowing a pill.

However, insulin is expensive. My two prescriptions ran close to $1,000 of which I paid $50ish.

The goal at the moment is to get my blood sugar level to 130. I’ve been upping the dose every four or five days trying to find the sweet spot.

The last few days were in the 140s, today low 150s. I started with 14 units. As of today it’s 20, but this might be where we settle.

Of course, my pancreas will be radically different by Thursday afternoon. Stay tuned.

16 thoughts on “They Shoot Insulin, Don’t They?”

  1. You’ll get the numbers under control. It’s a matter of “just right”…takes a bit of tinkering but you’ll get there. I also had a chance to speak to a physician/surgeon friend of mine who feels pretty positive about the treatment plan you describe. I trust this doc. This doc trusts your docs. I’m good with that!

  2. Geoff with all the prayers and positive energy we are all sending you added to
    your strong positive attitude, you are truly blessed to
    be cared about by people from all over who you are special to but have never officially
    met in person. Truly hope you realize this and it strengthens your resolve, knowing
    we are all in this with you!!!!

  3. You’ve got this my friend …fight it hard like you have tackled all life has thrown your way…my thoughts are with you and as you blog about your daily battles Know you are not alone…your friends and fans are with you, good days and not so good..Godspeed Geoff

  4. I was diagnosed in July with Diabetes type 2. Luckily treatment is only a pill. That said I totally changed my diet . I don’t eat breads, pastas rice. Potatoes and there are others that I find spike my sugar, just by doing this my numbers jab been 90. 105 range. I wish you luck and success

  5. Just read a copy of your previous blog on the Naugatuck (CT) Patch. So, the word is out, up here, my friend—. I expect there will be an article in the Wbry-Republican tomorrow. The only thing they had wrong was that you are working for KMR–in Palm Desert.
    You won’t be using your belly for injections for a while, after Thursday. Nor will you be updating your blog right away. But knowing you can will probably help your road to recovery. Like I said last night–you will be in a lot of folks prayers for full recovery. Keep your sense of humor and think of all the stories about hospital care you will have to tell. They probably don’t know what a “celebrity” they are getting! This month/year marks the 60th anniv. of my nursing school graduation. So much has changed over these many years.
    Good luck and God Bless

  6. May God be with you Geoff and keep up the fight! Don’t let the numbers win you over. Like the weather hasn’t worse weather of all never gets to me.. There is so much more new medical procedures and medical treatments outcomes out there that has worked.. Keep your head up high!!!

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