How Are You Feeling, Asks Everyone?

imag0307As you might imagine a lot of people have been asking how I’m feeling? The totally unexpected answer.


As far as I can tell, I have no major symptoms you might expect in a cancer patient.

Yes, my bile duct led to jaundice. Other than turning me a swell shade of yellow the jaundice had no effect I felt. It’s a moot point now. A tiny plastic drain pipe opening the duct went in Monday. If I hadn’t seen the images I wouldn’t know it’s there.

I’m down around 30 pounds, though my appetite is healthy right now. A few people complimented me on my loss until they heard about my ‘diet.’

Too thin? A little gaunt? I am happy in a very guilty way about being this size. Make sense?

I’d been getting tired a lot. No more. Getting my blood sugar levels reasonable has helped there. You don’t want diabetes. Just sayin’.

My stomach is upset, usually at a very low level, for long periods of time. That’s why I saw my primary care physician in the first place.

I am pretty close to asymptomatic. Everything I do from here is based on faith in my doctors’ word there is something inside me. If things go according to plan they’ll hurt me worse than cancer… which is just what I want.

13 thoughts on “How Are You Feeling, Asks Everyone?”

  1. Geoff, So sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I am a former CT from resident from Guilford. Moved to Maryland in 2005 and my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic in 2006. I am a retired Onc RN (YNHH and Medical Oncology Hematology practice). I am following your progress and hope for your recovery.
    Pam Young Gardner

  2. Dear Geoff

    I am praying for you a speedy recovery. I never thought you will be like this. I have been your number fan since you started on wtnh. I can still remembering you saying. don’t go to sleep yet. when I heard you left channel 8 I felt bad. but you always kept us informed. I hope god get rid of the cancer and all of your sickness. keep us updated.

    your truly

    sheena l maynard
    Waterbury, ct

  3. You got this Geoff, God’s got this – keep the faith, and continue that attitude and you’ll be back to your self very soon! Prayers to you!

  4. Geoff

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. This too shall pass. Give it to God. but keep on top of those Doctors. If something doesn’t feel, look or sound right ask questions. Keeping you in my prayers.

  5. Glad to see that your color has returned to normal. The problem with most Ca diagnoses is that the disease is silent until some little thing pops up. Many Lung Ca’s are diagnosed when people complain of a “pulled shoulder or back muscle. Many near fatal heart attacks happen when one overlooks the “indigestion” problem, even when it is worse than normal. And while I am sorry about your Ca diagnosis, you would never have realized the heart problem (nor would I have) had it not been for pre-op testing! So don’t sit around counting down the days til the 29th–go out and enjoy life—and enjoy those sunsets over La Jolla beach.

  6. Geoff,
    Thanks for taking all of us along with you on so many journeys throughout your life…business and personal. Not too many people would ever share so much of their lives.
    This sure is a rocky road to put it mildly, but thanks to your openness we’re experiencing your brave new world through your eyes and heart ( No pun intended….).
    God bless you my Broadcast Brother. My prayers are with you.
    Steve Parker

  7. Geoff….the weight loss comments are actually funny when you think about it !! Most people don’t equate weight loss with illness…I am recovering from a total knee replacement and am down 56 pounds….nothing I did to make it happen, it’s just does when the body is focused in “fixing” one if its parts as ours are, in different ways…rather than discuss “how I lost it” with people, I say did I tell you about my knee…Keep up the GREAT attitude, listen to your favorite music often and sing out loud !!

  8. Your Norwalk friend who is now your Derby friend – keeping up with your blog and all the unfortunate happenings but the heart problem would not have been found unless pre-op tests were done – that is a positive. All else will be fine -surgery will be done and whatever needs to be done after and life will be back to normal!! In my prayers. And please be nice to Helaine thru this cause she goes thru every step with you. HUGS to you both.

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