Pot Is On The Ballot


Here in California we’ll have more than people to vote for in November. There are proposals to be decided. Ads are running on TV and radio for some of the more controversial items. No ads yet for California Proposition 64, Marijuana Legalization (2016).

I thought this day would never come. And it looks like it’s going to pass.

It’s already easy to buy some California grass. Our medical marijuana laws set the bar low. All that’s needed is certification from a doctor whose sole job is selling certifications! It can be done online, sight unseen.

Any time I speak with “we smoked in college” friends passing through or staying in Colorado they offer up the temptation of buying weed is too strong to ignore. I suspect there will be a lot of that here too. Fly to and in California.

When November rolls around I’ll be voting to make pot legal. I can’t believe it. 18 year old Geoff especially can’t believe it. Quoting Bill Murray, it’s “cats and dogs living together.”

One word of warning. I also voted to allow casinos in Atlantic City. Look how that turned out.

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