Playing The Part Of The Idiot: Me

I was visited by Wayne and Joshua Friday afternoon. They came in their blue shirts and white truck. It was a DirecTV trouble call.

“Two of you? Has word gotten out I’m tough?” I asked as they walked across the street toward me.

They were here to fix a weird problem. Last Sunday we couldn’t get all the football games on the downstairs TVs. I know, 21st Century problem. After Channel 707 the guide skipped to 719. The Eagles played on 708.

I won’t make you wait. Months ago when I (me… the responsible party) programmed out infomercial and other unwanted channels, I also programmed out half the NFL. Not on purpose. Then I forgot about it entirely.

I’m a nerdy guy who prides himself on knowing his way around. I wouldn’t have found this error on my own in a million years! I am embarrassed.

I tried to apologize, but they were having none of it. It was fine. Shit happens. They didn’t actually say that, but you get the idea.

In a few minutes they were gone. I will live with this forever.

7 thoughts on “Playing The Part Of The Idiot: Me”

  1. Think of it as a way to make the rest of us feel slightly less inept – I can spend an hour trying to figure out how to fix the TV remote after I hit the wrong button and lose everything.

  2. I hate tv problems! TV or the Internet the fixings always fall to me. Last night – no sound in the external tv speaker. On-off-on-off. Unplug and need a flashlight and flexible fingers to plug a tiny thing back in. Works. No idea why.

  3. Geoff, shit happens. With all that’s coming up don’t let that even cross your mind. I could write a book on shit i did and forgot about. Much love to you, helaine, and steph…all the way from waterbury,conn.⭕️❌

  4. Hi Geoff,

    You know its always something simple that we overlook…you probably wouldve figured it out eventually…there are so many things we have to set and edit that when the time comes we cant remember what we set things for lol…similar cable problem happened years ago…had u-verse installed..had to run a new phone line near the tv etc…few years later, tv went out with no explanation.tried the usual fix it things and nothing worked.called uverse,,sent guy out,,the jack that the phone line was plugged into,,it unplugged..apparently the installer used wrong plug or it was broken so it was in the plug but not clicked in or something and it was loose so the vacuum or something moved it enough to come out…sigh,,needless to say the guy who came out replaced it with a better plug…just so simple but i didnt even think to look because it was actually in the plug just loose haha…

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