My Head Is Buried In The Sand


Tuesday night will mark a full week since I last watched TV news. My online reading has been limited to tech sites. On TV it’s Book Talk on C-Span2 or random sports.

I know what’s happened. I am powerless to change the outcome.

This is the way our country works. It’s the bargain we all agree to. It has to be accepted. Whether it pleases me or not isn’t important.

The next few months will be interesting. I’m not sure “Trump = Republican Party” in a meaningful way. He and they will clash.

He will be watched like a hawk, but not right now. Now my head is buried in the sand with my fingers in my ears while I hum.

4 thoughts on “My Head Is Buried In The Sand”

  1. We, as individuals, need to do all we can to counter the hate sure to arise from a Trump presidency, and the appointees he’s been naming. I do agree, for right now, I am doing as you are. I also know, however, at some point we like-minded individuals need to get working on fixing what he’s likely to break. Including our spirit at times.

    I don’t agree with the protests. There is nothing which can be done. He was elected by the Electoral College and will be sworn in on January 20. The only thing we can do is work very hard to ensure he doesn’t take away hard-won rights because it will benefit his interests and his advocates.

    I wish you a quick recovery from your surgeries, and look forward to your return out of the sand. We need all the strong voices we can get.

  2. I did what I could, I voted; and now, I’m with you, my head buried in the sand, hoping it’s not as as bad as it seems. Thanks for articulating my sadness so well!

  3. I understand!!! I watched MSNBC every day since Trump announced his intentions. Now, I will only watch the Food channel – I am sick over this –

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