The Effects of Chemo

I’d been told the effects of chemo therapy don’t happen immediately. Tonight I can attest that’s true!

Most of the last two days have been spent sleeping. It was pretty much the only thing I could do after my chemo session three days ago!

I’m better now. My head is clear. Nearly 100% back-to-normal.

Chemo next Wednesday too. I can hardly wait to do this again.

13 thoughts on “The Effects of Chemo”

  1. Geoff… So sorry you had to spend your holiday in bed… Hopefully the benefits will outweigh the discomfort! Keep a positive outlook, as many are looking forward to your recovery!

  2. When my husband went through chemo we found him the perfect t-shirt. On the front it said ” I have chemo brain. What’s your excuse?” The staff at Yale thought it was a hoot!

  3. Geoff…I really hope you are feeling better 🙂 when my son had chemo he did not sleep of get sick but this was years ago & you were in in CT on TV. Geoff… my bother is a 68 years old teacher at the ELS Center on Santa Monica beach & is have the Radiation therapy now for a few week & I sure wish you knew him because he needs someone so bad just like YOU 🙂 He starts the Chemo this coming week… I don’t think he will do as good as you, as he is not in good shape like you! He had a little stroke so he ended up with short term memory loss but you would never know it that he had one or can’t remember. I talk to right lung C..real bad Stage 4 & had colon C.. stage 4 which they took out in St. John’s/UCLA. Also if you do read all of this my husband has pancreatitis & is check for can… ever 3 months so far ok….
    I feel you will do great, they have come a long way… It’s way to late for my brother I think… But be healthy Geoff keep going strong that is the only way to go…I wish you were closer to my brother , he could use someone like you !

  4. My Chemo sessions are only on Wednesdays. This is my second session of this type of treatment. Infusions are Taxol & Cyramza.

    Thursdays & Fridays are my best days. I am full of energy.

    On Saturday, I start slipping on a downhill slide being sleepy and very little energy.

    God only knows what will happen on Sundays.

    Monday & Tuesday are normally good days. Tuesday is my Lab day.

    Than we start all over again on Wednesday.

    So basically, Chemo treats everyone differently!!!✌

    Stay positive & Live Life one Day at a Time❗❗❗❗❗

  5. Geoff, that’s pretty normal. Plan those after chemo naps by jazzing up your sleep space with some aroma therapy– diffusers work well–a cool lamp i.e.: salt lamp and your favorite tunes. You’ll rest easy and feel like the meds are working better!

  6. Geoff, I pray all stays well with you. There are infusion treatments of vitamins and irion, that can help with the exhaustion you feel.
    Ask your doctor.
    We continue to pray for you.
    Huggs ♡♡♡

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