Like Bob And Me

News Channel Nebraska has, as you might imagine, an army of young people manning the fort. Most are early in their career.

Does it enter their minds they work in small markets? I hope not. It doesn’t make any difference to me how many are “within the sound of my voice.” I only know one speed, one intensity.

I was chatting with Bob Picozzi this afternoon. Bob was our sports director at Channel 8 until ESPN discovered all he had. Nowadays Bob is a regional voice on football and basketball. He is a very talented play-by-play man.

Bob’s calling a game this weekend.

Wofford at Youngstown State this Saturday. Not quite like Michigan-Ohio State. But it is to me.

If you’re not doing it like Bob and me maybe you should do something else.

5 thoughts on “Like Bob And Me”

  1. Bob is a great guy! I’ve known him as FB friend and followed his postings for years. One of few remaining legendary Great Sports casters in USA!!!

  2. I have heard Bob on ESPN—both broadcasting and commenting on UCONN Women’s Basketball games. I remembered his voice from Ch 8 WTNH. He has such a great personality. I stopped watching TNH after they let you go, but go back to it now for noon news and occasionally 11PM if a football game is on my other channel.
    It is good that you still get to stay in contact with some of your colleagues.
    What is your range now with weather broadcasting in KS? Occasionally I am curious about weather down in the Lincoln area

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