Geoff’s 3-Day Weather Boot Camp

One of the things I enjoy most about my studio is it’s there 24/7. Whatever I want to do I can and whenever I want.

For instance, the guy I work for in Nebraska is starting a Spanish station. Right now I’m training Gabriel, who will present their weather. Think of this as Geoff’s 3-Day Weather Boot Camp.

Gabriel’s not a meteorologist, but I’m giving him a framework to obtain forecasts and all the other background tools he needs to tell a weather story. The idea is he should be able to adapt as conditions change.

I don’t speak Spanish. There are familiar words here and there. Mostly I watch his performance for ease and confidence.

“What were you going for there,” I’ve asked when the pace slows and his confidence droops. It’s OK. He’s only a few days in.

So many little mechanical things to think about. Where should I look? What the hell do I do with my hands?

He says he’s learning. I think so too. I enjoy teaching. It’s part of my new job as “weather sage.”

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