Chemo Is More Complex Than It First Seems

Now that I’m in the groove I understand what chemotherapy encompasses. It’s more than just getting a bag of poison juice poured toward your heart.

I receive chemo infusions once a week (two weeks on, one week off) for three sessions. So six chemo treatments this time. Today was number four.

There will be another round with six chemo infusions after radiation, which follows this chemo round.

What I didn’t realize going in are all the extras that tag along.

Today I met with my oncologist for a moment (after waiting too many moments) before heading for chemo. That added 90 minutes to the production. He listened with his stethoscope and felt around my clavicle (lymph nodes?) before declaring his happiness with my condition.

Tomorrow, with no chemo, I return to his office for my Neulasta injection. The injection is quick. No doctor interaction. Still, I have to be there and it’s a half hour away.

Before my next chemo round I’ll need more blood drawn. Sorry — not from the port. Another arm stab. And so it goes.

I understand why all this happens. I’m not kvetching about what has to be done, just acknowledging its presence.

Having cancer is like having another job. Absolutely.

5 thoughts on “Chemo Is More Complex Than It First Seems”

  1. You’re good at your other jobs…you’ll be good at this one. Your great attitude will help keep you going. Continuing to send prayers.

  2. Every 5 weeks I have Remicade infusions at my RA dr office. It takes 3 hours. That med also is in the 5k range. Sad! Once a week I give myself methotrexate shots. Also on anti anflamatories and prednisone to keep my immune system down. I’m glad to hear that you received some positive news! Have a merry xmas & happy new year

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