Heading To Milwaukee

It’s a beautiful day today in SoCal. Bright sunshine. Mid-60°s and calm. You could get used to this.

And yet I’m excited to say Stef and I are heading to Milwaukee this Friday to see my dad, sister, brother-in-law, and so on down the line.

The average high during our trip is 29° the low 15°. Milwaukee has a serious wind problem too. The forecast is for rain–a long weekend of it.

But family is family. We’d like my dad to come here, but he’s just too frail. He’s mentally sharp but he needs to be the total package to travel.

On top of that there are babies and kids and nieces and a nephew — oh my.

Friday out. Monday back. There will be photos.

7 thoughts on “Heading To Milwaukee”

  1. It will be a great treat for your dad to be able to see you, in person. You know that he has had to be worried about you, despite direct contact via the internet.
    At least the storms of the weekend previous will be past. Although cold rain won’t be fun. Bundle up–remember to pack the scarves and gloves. Most of all, enjoy the family time.

  2. Have safe travels Geoff. Enjoy your visit with your family and stay away from anyone who might be sick. Looking forward to seeing pictures. Enjoy, stay well. A Ct. fan.

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