The Internet Goes Zoom Zoom

AT&T PACE 5268 AC fiber modem

I made quite the stir on Facebook today. AT&T came to install their Gigapower Internet service today. It’s touted as 1,000 Mbps, a little faster than my equipment can handle.

Pretty fast, but limited by this older laptop.

Cox has been my main Internet provider. Recently service has gone downhill. What should be a :45 video upload to Nebraska often becomes nine or ten minutes. That pushes me past deadline.

The new service is multiple times faster than before. I suspect there’s enough overhead that my upload times will get better but not in lockstep with the new speed.

My old cable modem won’t work with AT&T’s fiber. The old modem/router comes out and a new one moves in. Settings will need to be adjusted.

All the equipment in my studio is interconnected. For simplicity I will change as little as I can get away with. That means manually configuring IP addresses and port forwarding on the new gear. To my machines the AT&T router should look like the Cox router… if I’m successful.

This is one of those jobs that could take 20 minutes or nine hours. I’ll have to plan the cutover time wisely.

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