Greetings From Mequon

It’s 7:30 and I’m in the family room with Trudi and Jeff. The family has left. What a great day.

My nephew was out working but his sisters came. Stef was here. Jessie and Evan brought Judah and Gabby. Melissa came but had to leave Charlie and Henry home with Mark. Kids get sick. Jeff and I picked up my dad.

It was perfect. The kids played on the floor. The adults sat on the sofa or chairs around the perimeter. This house has plenty of kid room and they took advantage.

We have a very small family. Stef and I don’t get to do this often enough.

Chinese food for dinner.

I am betting my father went to sleep very quickly.

Harold and Geoff
Harold, Jeff and Geoff
Stef and Henry
Geoff, Judah and Harold
Gabby’s socks
Gabby, Melissa and Jessie
Evan and Jeff
Stef and Judah
Gabby and Melissa (and Toby)
Harold and Toby
Judah — this pose at his request
Gabby and Harold

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