The Amazing Chart

Everyone’s different, but I love math and charts like the one at the top of this entry. You’re looking at a full week’s worth of weather over Norfolk, Nebraska.

The program is BUFKIT. It’s a free gift from your federal government. The data to feed it is free too. I’m using GFS model data.

Having this kind of graphical data available seems like magic. This one screen gives me a huge chunk of what I need every day. As I jot down words for the forecast it’s what’s open on my desktop.

The call is a brief period of sleet followed by snow all day Tuesday continuing into Wednesday morning. At first it will be good ‘packing’ snow. By late evening it turns fluffier.

All-in-all I expect 3-4″ by Wednesday morning with flurries continuing (but not adding to the pile) through late afternoon.

Tuesday’s high comes early. Temperatures will drop through the afternoon and overnight.

We call this winter. Ugh.

All that came from this one little chart. And I only told you about Tuesday!

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