Es La Cosa Real

Es la cosa real, it’s the real thing. Yes, there are single serve, glass bottle Cokes in the Fox fridge.

This being SoCal it’s a thing: Coca Cola, hecho en Mexico!

What’s the diff? The Mexican version uses cane sugar. The US version uses high fructose corn syrup.

Do I taste the diff? I do not.

However, the Mexican Cokes aren’t made to be returned. California forces a deposit, there’s none in Mexico. The glass is thick and brings back memories. This is the way a Coke was meant to be consumed.

Soda tastes better in glass. Coke is no exception. I treat myself to a bottle a day. Don’t tell any of my doctors.

10 thoughts on “Es La Cosa Real”

  1. Canadian coke is a thing on the northeast. Again, made with real sugar, not the fake stuff like in the US. However, it can also come in cans.

  2. While I prefer Pepsi, I wanted to tell you that I truly enjoy seeing you for the weather every night.
    I still get surprised (in a good way) whenever I hear your voice and look up to see your smiling face.

    It’s like all is right with the world when you have Geoff Fox on Channel 8 doing the weather!

    YOU, Geoff, are the classic!

  3. In Pasover, american coke is also made with cane sugar, as corn syrulp isn’t kosher for passosver.

  4. I have been drinking Diet Coke for years…don’t care for Diet Pepsi or diet anything else. I am so used to Diet Coke, that on the rare occasions when I might be served regular Coke, it tastes weird to me.

  5. Geoff, I drink Coca Cola Classic, won’t drink Pepsi, no refreshing taste on the 1st sip. I probably drink about 3 cans of Coke a day, I don’t chug a lug, I sip it, I have it in a coolie wrap all the time. I have been drinking Coca Cola since I was a teenager and that’s a long, long time! I buy the cans because you get the best buys at the sales. I am a Coca Cola Cowgirl!! LOL

  6. I would prefer the sugar coke instead of the high fruitose! Sort I didn’t answer sooner, my brother passed away on Monday and I have been unavailable to post any comments.
    Still watch your weather though!

  7. I don’t drink soda…never cared for it, even as a kid. (Love a good thick milkshake full of preservatives, though!) Anyway, pure cane sugar has GOTTA be better for you than high fructose corn syrup, and glass bottles SO much more refreshing than the tinny taste of metal cans!!!

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