We’re Three Weeks In

Anne Craig and me on WTNH, News 8.

I’ve been back on-air in Connecticut nearly three weeks. When it works right (and there have been technical hiccups we’re working to fix) it is incredibly pleasurable. It’s my drug. I am hooked.

There have been some interesting and unexpected side effects of doing News 8’s 5, 6, 10 and 11 this week. I am living on EDT!

It’s crazy. The news is over at 11:35p EDT. That’s how it feels to me, though the clock says 8:35p and the sky is still bright. And I’m exhausted!

The exhaustion is more linked to chemo, now four weeks past tense. It will take a while for my blood to rebuild its full complement of platelets and blood cells. Until then I’m sleeping/napping 10-11 hours a day.

The more interesting quirk is how easy it’s been for me to “feel” Connecticut’s weather without being there. I look at a temperature/dew point combo and understand how it feels. It’s not a skill acquired on purpose. Thirty plus year of number looking has paid off.

The amount of data available today is mind boggling. It’s much easier for me to know what’s going on in Connecticut from California than it was when I lived there!

12 thoughts on “We’re Three Weeks In”

  1. It has been so very refreshing to have you back on New’s 8! I have to admit that I hardly watched New’s 8 anymore after you left…but I’m back every day now! When my family first noticed that you were back during your first week, you would have sworn we were at a ball game and a home run with bases loaded was just hit, with everyone erupting into huge cheers, jumping up and down up, and high fives being passed around the living room. I hope your broadcasting turns out to be permanent with New’s 8….it’s where you belong. We all look forward to putting on Channel 8 again every evening. You and Ann Nyberg have great chemistry with jokes, and your energy, knowledge, and smile leaves us all here with smiles on our faces at the end of the broadcast. You bring that extra pizzazz that has been so needed and missed. It’s a good good thing! Great to have you back!!

  2. On the other hand Geoff, it seems so familiar and comfortable to have you back on my tv talking to us about the weather. It has been waaay too long, and it does my heart that you are adjusting to CT weather, perhaps even enough to rejoin us. Has the station given you an endpoint for your involvement in the broadcasts? We all are sending prayers and good wishes your way for remission, and perhaps a more permanent position on staff. You belong here, and I hope you can feel the love. Feel better my friend.
    Dave Neto

  3. I find that when I’m watching your forecast it’s easy to forget that you’re not there in the studio. I’ve noticed that when the news anchor speaks to a reporter in the field that there’s a lag of a second or so before the reporter apparently hears the anchor. But I don’t catch this happening between you and the anchors. I wonder if that due to a difference in the technology used to link you to the station.

  4. Geoff, We love that you are back on channel 8. We are watching the news there now and no longer on channel 3 or 4, What can we do to have you stay ??

  5. Geoff, great having you back. It’s like you never left. We record all your reports, so just in case we are out, for whatever reason, as soon as we get home, we watch whatever reports that we missed. Wish you could stay forever.

  6. Geoff
    I agree…it’s comfortable & familiar watching you do the weather. We record it every day, so we don’t miss seeing you…the 5 pm & 11pm slots. You look great. Love your commentaries & ad libs…Good Work !

  7. Geoff, No matter how bad the weather
    outlook may be-you’re the one telling us
    again and that makes hearing about it
    from the most knowledgeable source,
    true-because it’s coming from YOU!!
    You are our weather source-always have
    been and always will be and have been
    in our homes more than some real family
    members over the years. Want to keep
    it that way-what can we do? Note: been
    waiting for Doppler’s appearance and you
    didn’t disappoint. Know the rooftop garden
    won’t return from your current abode but
    imagine you’ll find a creative way around
    it. Surfice to say “Sooo glad you came
    back to us in CT and sooo want you to
    stay electronically for good”!!!!

  8. Cant put into words how vety happy we in Ct are that you are, as the expression goes, back up and running. Not only health wise, but back as our Weather Guy…. You were so very missed. To have you back having a weather conversation with us, as opposed to someone slamming weather temps, is what we all have been so missing. Now we turn WTNH8 on to hear you….. and of course we love Ann as well.

  9. Dear Geoff,

    My husband and I enjoy seeing your forecasts. It is great to have you back, even if it is virtually. I do believe that in CA you can feel our weather here in CT. You come across great and project your great energy and enthusiasm that you have always shown. I understand it takes a lot out of you physically. I thank you for doing this. We are really enjoying having you and your great warm personality and wisdom back with us. We hope this gig will continue.

    Sue Troupe, one of Geoff Fox fans
    Waterbury, CT

  10. Congratulations on the 3 weeks so far! It looks like you’re there in the studio now and am loving the interchanges between you and ANN — just makes the “family” again 🙂 Splendid.
    Sleep is healing and naps are food! Be gentle with yourself off camera.
    Prayers continue for you and the family.
    Oh, loved the dachsund last night!

  11. Love having you back!! Am actually watching News Channel 8 again – haven’t since you left! If I didn’t know you were remote I would would think you were there except you are not at the desk!

    Great to see you doing your thing – for us!

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